Latest PSG Transfer News: Casemiro Swap for Kylian Mbappé?

Casemiro Verratti Real Madrid PSG

One of the most liked players by Zinedine Zidane could be on the move this summer, according to the latest PSG transfer rumours…

All online sportsbook news sites in France are writing about the latest PSG transfer rumours today. Rightly so: the rumour of Paris Saint-Germain wanting to buy out Rela Madrid star Casemiro has gone viral earlier today. French betting sites are already mentioning Casemiro odds to join PSG, but many vivid theories are also going on…

According to the PSG transfer news sites, PSG would have a hard time if they are to buy one of the key players from Zinedine Zidane’s players. The Brazilian defensive midfielder is not for sale, that’s obvious: he was in the starting line up at every single important games they had ever since Zidane took charge at Los Blancos.

Why is Casemiro the target on the latest PSG transfer rumours?

While it is a highly unlikely scenario for Casemiro to join PSG, we still have to consider it an option. Especially because Neymar joining PSG was an even less likely scenario exactly 1 year ago, and see what happened after… And PSG need Casemiro because while they might be having the strongest attackers in the world, their midfield is at most “good”, bot not top class.

Verratti is regarded as one of the best box to box midfielders in the world today, but his mates are not representing the same level. Casemiro, however, slowly made it to the top with his constant performances in Zidane’s team. Adding Casemiro would be a huge boost to PSG’s defensive line, which is something they are so eager to find, if they are to become UCL favourites at online sportsbook sites in France.

Can PSG actually buy Casemiro?

Of course they can, anything can happen in football. However, it won’t be easy. Casemiro became key player for zidane’s back-to-back Champions League winner side and he still is a frequent member. It’s impossoible to see why he would want to get rid of the Brazilian, but there is one thing which goes in PSG’s favour…

And that’s Casemiro’s contract, in two separate ways. First of all, he’s not the best-paid players at Real Madrid. He could change that if he was to receive a new contract from the Qatar national club. In addition, his contract includes a buy-out clause of €200 million. That’s the main thing what makes sites in the online sportsbook directory guess if Casemiro is to leave Real Madrid this summer…

Would this mean the new beginning of the Mbappé-saga?

€200 million is slightly more expensive than the €180 million that PSG is to pay to AS Monaco for Kylian Mbappé next summer. The French striker was on loan this season and PSG is likely to buy him as soon as given the chance – which means the end of the ongoing financial season, because of financial reasons and the Financial Fair Play regulations by UEFA.

Could Real Madrid go for a Mbappé – Casemiro swap this summer? Do you think Casemiro to leave Real Madrid can actually happen? Would Zidane bring in a French striker, a fellow compatriot, instead of a Brazilian defensive midfielder he’s so fond of using? I guess we’ll have to wait until the end of August till all PSG transfer rumours are proven. Either to be true, or to be completely false…

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