Odds On The US 2020 Presidential Election (Feat. Kanye West)

  • Kanye West Runs For President On Anti-Abortion Anti-Mask Ticket
  • Get The Best Odds On The US 2020 Presidential Election At Bovada
  • Don’t Bet On Joe Biden Or Donald Trump To Lose Sleep Over West
Odds On The US 2020 Presidential Election
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Riding on the back of his eminent populism a year ago you’d have bet on Donald Trump to walk into a second term. Now it’s no longer as certain. The ongoing situation and a strong Democratic challenge inflict an uphill struggle on the President. Online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada are already giving Joe Biden better prices. Then, just when you thought you’d not be able to bet on US politics getting any more bizarre, celebrity lunatic Kanye West insists he’s running too.  

Artists are usually so picky about plagiarism. It is surprising then Kanye West has decided what the US needs is an inexperienced celebrity with no real understanding in the White House. After all, this has been done before. Quite recently, in fact. Perhaps that’s why no one in their right mind would bet on Kanye West to become President. The US electorate has been there, done that. So the odds on the US 2020 Presidential election seeing Kanye win this November are around 80/1.

Oddly, however, not everyone is so ready to dismiss West’s candidacy. The media, of course, love it, and several others have endorsed him. Just how serious they were at the time is entirely questionable, but people said that about those who stood behind Trump prior to his election. Elon Musk seems to think Kanye can beat the odds on the US 2020 Presidential election. This is something that those taking advantage of US gambling laws to bet on the election need think about.

Trump And Biden Face New Challenge From West

Just what is it that Musk, the man who made rockets fly backwards, sees? Kanye’s platform is, at present, somewhat underdeveloped. He has made it clear, however, he’s against abortion and the wearing of masks. Perhaps he feels if no one wears a mask there will be less need for abortions down the line. After all, there will inevitably be fewer people. Stands to reason. Just whether he’s actually standing himself or just conducting a PR stunt remains to be seen. With Kanye, it could be either.

US Election Odds

  • Michelle Obama – 100/1
  • Kanye West – 80/1
  • Mike Pence – 45/1
  • Hillary Clinton – 40/1
  • Anyone Else – 12/1
  • Donald Trump – 7/5
  • Joe Biden – 5/8

What is certain, however, is that he won’t win. You can bet on the Democrats and Republicans to nail him to a wall by his shorts if he gets serious. They’re already having a fine old time doing it to each other as best they can. You’d think a national crisis would produce some sort of unity against the common threat, but no. It’s as partisan as ever. As the odds on the 2020 US Presidential election at online betting sites in the US like Bovada rattle closer, it’ll just get dirtier.

Odds On The US 2020 Presidential Election
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Grab Odds On The US 2020 Presidential Election At Bovada

Kanye is almost certainly not ready for that. You can bet on the Republicans hammering his mental state and the Democrats his lack of experience. He’d have more luck running a marathon than for the White House. This leaves those of us who like to bet on US politics with the two choices we already had. President Trump and former VP Biden. They’re all at sea, swamped by the situation that faces the nation. Normal political rules don’t quite apply. They are at the mercy of circumstance.

So is the country. You can bet on the US general election in 2020 to be different. With more mail-in ballots we might not know the result for days or weeks after the election. This will give plenty of time for people to dispute it either way. It could end up a mess. It will be a little like putting a bet on sports in the US knowing in all likelihood it’ll end in a brawl. So akin to Ice Hockey, only the odds on the 2020 US Presidential election are a lot closer than most ice hockey matches.

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We check out the odds on the 2020 US Presidential election now Kanye West has decided to say he’s running for the White House.

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