Join off the Hook Blackjack Tournament With the Prize Pool of $900!

  • In Blackjack tournaments, you play against other players not against the dealer
  • Many tournaments guarantee you prizes
Off the Hook Blackjack tournament

If you are into Blackjack tournaments, then, we definitely suggest you join off the hook Blackjack tournament. 

Even if you are an experienced Blackjack player, tournaments will require you to use a different strategy from what you usually use. The thing is in the concept of the tournaments. When it comes to competing in Blackjack tournaments, you start playing against other players, not against the dealer. So, Blackjack rules though changed over time tell you that you need to beat the dealer. But Blackjack tournament rules tell you to finish the game with the biggest number of chips at the table. The concept is quietly changing, therefore, you need to think of another strategy to win. Yet, if you don’t know much about the tournaments, we will give you some information below as well as share about the off the hook tournament that you can join. So, keep reading to enrich your Blackjack experiences!

Why Should You Even Join the Tournament?

You might be wondering if it’s even worth joining the tournament if you are fine with the Blackjack games. There are many Blackjack types that you can choose from at Intertops Casino. So, is there any sense of going for the tournaments then?

The answer from us – yes. If you are a Blackjack lover, tournaments, including the Off the Hook Blackjack tournament, are a great way to make your experience with the game even more entertaining. Besides, the prize pools for them are mostly 100% of the entry fees that you pay to join. So, there is no advantage that the house has over you. It’s you who can have the advantage in the game over others if you master your skills. And most online casinos in the US will guarantee your prize no matter if the entries are full or not. Basically, the casino just pays you so that you enter the tournament. Benefit from it!

Off the Hook Blackjack tournament
Got a lucky hand?

What Can You Typically Win?

The money range that you can win widely varies from one game to another. If you go for the small tournament, you might have to pay around $10. But the price may increase up to $100, $500, or even $1000. It all depends on the tournaments you pick to play. But if the entry is big, you can expect corresponding large payouts too.

What About the off the Hook Blackjack Tournament?

Now, let’s go more into detail with off the hook blackjack tournament! This is a weekly tournament that takes place on Tuesdays. To join the tournament, you will have to pay a $25 entry fee. And the first round of the game starts at 7 pm.

The prize pool is $900 and here are the prizes:

  • 1st place – $400
  • 2nd place – $150
  • 3rd place – $125
  • 4th place – $100
  • 5th place – $75
  • 6th place – $50.

You can also find other tournaments that you can join on the other weekdays – check them out!

You can discover more about Intertops Sportsbook here.

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