Online Bingo in Brazil to Save the Amazon Rainforest

Nowadays, even online bingo sites are looking to help the disappearing rainforest. Clicking Like on Facebook will save trees.

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What does rainforest and online bingo have it common? Well, in Brazil one may save the other.

The fact that rainforest has been disappearing quickly is undeniable. This is a worrisome trend as deforestation alone creates 20% of world’s greenhouse emissions, or as much as the cars, trucks, buses, trains, and airplanes put together.

One of online bingo in Brazil providers, Sky Bingo, has teamed up with with Sky Rainforest Rescue to raise funds for the Amazon rescue. Any new likes of Sky Bingo on Facebook will add to the funds raised for the rainforest. Specifically, every like will generate 25 pence (40 cents) for the rainforest.

Brazil, with population approaching 200 million, is a fast growing market with tremendous business opportunities. While Brazilian gambling laws strictly limit gambling, there are some avenues opened for online bingo, horseracing, and arcade games that pay some real money.

While online casinos are not allowed in the country, not but expressly prohibited, many Brazilians are using offshore betting sites to play online.

The amount that will be raised is not likely to be huge. However, it offers great opportunities to online and mobile casinos worldwide to gain some excellent publicity, while helping the environment. The cause may not only be related to a rainforest, but to other areas as well – here the imagination is the limit.

How about an online slot, or an online sportsbook, with a rainforest theme and a pledge that a percentage of revenues will go to help save the rainforest and its animals? This may as well help the industry in the eyes of the regulators.

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