Online Gambling Fraud Myths: Can Online Casinos Be Trusted?


Posted: February 27, 2020

Updated: February 27, 2020

  • A lot of players believe in the online gambling fraud myths
  • Online casinos use RNG to ensure that their games are fair, so there is no need in software
  • The software of the casinos is not aimed at recognizing gaming strategies
  • A test and real game modes in licensed casinos work the same way
  • All good gambling platforms are licensed and regulated, so there are no opportunities for frauds

A lot of players still think that they lose money and their ingenious gambling strategies do not work due to the casino frauds. However, their understanding of how the system works is completely false. They are sure that casinos are cheating with the software, preventing the users from receiving their legitimate winnings. But is it so? Let’s try to dispel the most common online gambling fraud myths.

There is no invincible system in this world. However, there is still the misconception that casinos are cheating directly with their software. Fortunately, it is not true for licensed gambling companies. Check our list of online casinos in the US to make sure you play on the right platform. These sites are carefully controlled and do not have the opportunity to change the settings of the slots in any way.

Software restart as the main online gambling fraud myth

There is an opinion that the casino software takes into account the results of previous games and accordingly builds a subsequent game for the gamblers. Thus, many players believe that after a certain series you need to restart the Casino Client. In other words, they are sure that this way the system will not be able to cheat and that the results will be more balanced. However, this opinion is fundamentally wrong. Therefore, restarting the software in no way will affect further events.

online gambling fraud myths
Online gambling seems a great mystery, but it’s not

The principle of operation of the random number generator (RNG) is completely different. Moreover, the results of your games are in no way connected. It doesn’t matter whether there was a previous loss, a win or a pause in the game – it will not affect your future success. Thus, the system generates the results of games in random order with no regard to previous victories or defeats of the player. You can experience it yourself playing in CyberSpins Casino.

To dispel this online gambling fraud myth we will use coin flipping as an example. Suppose you played Heads or Tails several times in a row and each time you had tails. It is unlikely that you will decide that by waiting an hour or postponing the game for a day the chances of heads falling will increase. The coin has no memory and it does not matter how it fell before. Thus, the subsequent flip will be unique, as well as its result. And it doesn’t matter who exactly, when and where plays this game – the outcome will be random and unpredictable.

Changing strategies ≠ Victory

Another online gambling fraud myth relates to the belief that gaming software can recognize the game strategy and prevents players from winning. Thus, they think so that the casino does not figure out which strategy is being applied, it needs to be changed as often as possible. Any game strategy is imperfect, especially in the long run.

The software of the casinos is not aimed at recognizing gaming strategies. Firstly, it is difficult to do it, and secondly, it is useless. If the goal was really to deceive the player, why would it be so complicated? It would be enough to program so that the roulette ball does not fall on the sector which is bet on. Players who believe in such online gambling fraud myths contradict themselves. They claim that online casinos are fraudulent and at the same time expect to win in the long run.

If the software is set up for a dishonest game, no restarting the system and changing the strategy will help. Moreover, such reliable gambling companies as CyberSpins Casino use exclusively licensed software. Each slot undergoes a three-stage quality control: manufacturer verification, RNG testing, and control by an international auditor. Thus, any deception is simply impossible. By the way, if you would like to learn more, take a look at our latest review about CyberSpins Casino

Online gambling fraud myth about test versions

Thousands of players truly believe that in test versions of software online casinos consciously allow them to win to lure into the game. Unlike previous myths, this has common sense. Indeed, if in the test round the player has the impression that it is easy to win, he will be much more willing to begin to set bigger bets. However, a test and real game modes in licensed casinos work the same way. Any luck or its absence is just a coincidence.

online gambling fraud myths
The house doesn’t need to cheat to win

Why did this myth appear? It is all about boasting. Players who are unlucky in the test game, and later in the real one, do not talk about it on the forums. But those who “got rich” in the training round and lost in the game for real money start to suspect online casinos of fraud with software. Then they just blow it all over the Internet. Indeed, the only difference between a free and a paid game is in psychological pressure on the user. It can behave in a completely different way when there is a risk of losing real money and not free game chips.

Such licensed online casinos as CyberSpins do not cheat even in training games. Moreover, regulatory authorities such as iTechLabs and eCOGRA often check their software. Therefore, if you want to know for sure that the game is fair, we recommend choosing a casino that has all the appropriate certificates.

To sum it up…

Online casinos do not need to set up their software. There is simply no benefit for them in cheating on their players. A good casino is more likely to make money having gained a reputation as a safe and fair place to play. Thus, more users will go there. Moreover, online casinos use RNG to ensure that their games are fair.

All good gambling platforms are licensed and regulated. Therefore, they often check the software. Testing and auditing are carried out by third parties who check whether there were any system failures and cheating by the casino. Moreover, any machine that malfunctions will cause the casino to lose its license. So make sure that you play on a reputable and trustworthy platform like CyberSpins. There, you will not need to worry about your safety or any of the online gambling fraud myths.

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