Everything You Need to Know about Online Live Roulette Casino


Posted: March 26, 2020

Updated: March 30, 2020

  • Why should you choose roulette while playing from home?
  • Roulette vs live roulette: the most important differences
  • The best online casinos with live games are here

What is an online live roulette casino? Why are live games better than static ones? Where to find them? If at least one of these questions comes to your mind, you better stop here and read our guide through the world of live casino games.

While staying at home and missing the outside world atmosphere, why don’t you try live gambling activities? For example, experience with an online live roulette casino is able to give you excitement and interactivity similar to the land-based casinos. Pick up one from our online casino sites in the US and learn what is so special about live games.

Why should you choose roulette?

Roulette is a casino game with one of the easiest rules to memorize. Simplicity, excitement, and a high chance to win make roulette one of the gamblers’ favorite activities. If you are green in gambling, here are the basic rules of roulette:

  • Place a bet on the number (set of numbers) and color (red or black)
  • Watch croupier spinning a wheel and a ball in opposite directions
  • Take money in case of a successful bet or try your luck again

As you can see, playing roulette either in real-life casinos or at online platforms like Bovada Casino is easy and requires zero skills. Everyone can win the game with minimum efforts, so it is clear now why this game is so popular among beginners.

Roulette vs live roulette

Once we figured out the reasons why gamblers like playing roulettes, let’s switch to the live game. What is the difference between roulette and live roulette? Firstly, it’s interacting with real people via online gaming platforms. If face-to-face communication is the thing you miss the most while under quarantine, you must try live games. Here you can watch the dealer spinning the wheel in real-time, while you are typing messages into the live chat that he/she can read. Moreover, some online casinos provide group chats where you can interact with other players. Being at the casino while sitting on your sofa is great, isn’t it?

online live roulette casino
Try your luck online!

Then, online interaction with the dealer can help you understand the game rules faster and better. You must agree that a real person explains all nuances better than any website article or Youtube tutorial. It’s important that you are able to ask questions and get answers immediately. Finally, the quality of live roulettes is usually higher than static games have, so you will enjoy playing more.

Is a live roulette worth playing? Definitely. Here you can feel the atmosphere of a real casino even if you have never visited one. It is a good way to learn what you like about casinos and what you don’t. Probably, you will enjoy online live dealer casino games even more as you control your look, your seating, lighting, noise level, and eye-witnesses nearby. 

Where can you find an online live roulette casino?

Online casino sites in the US are your number one guide through the best gambling platforms with live activities. Here you can find the list of the most reliable casinos with ranking, detailed description, list of games, terms & conditions, etc. For example, Bovada Casino gives an opportunity to play roulette in real-time as well as has access to 6 other live games. So, if you enjoy your new experience, why don’t you try them all?

You can learn more about Bovada Casino here.

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