Online Poker in America Moves Forward

Illinois and Delaware seek to create an online gambling block and authorize interstate online poker.

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Until there will be a federal framework for America gambling laws, each state will continue to set its own regulations. While there is much talk about Nevada, New York, and New Jersey developments, other states take the matters into their own hands as well.

In North Carolina, the legislators are seeking to pass a change in state gambling laws to allow poker rooms at the only legal casino in the state. Also, the changes seek to allow for live blackjack playing. Initially, the state would get a 4% cut in revenues, later to be increased to 8%.

Meanwhile, in New Hampshire the state senate just passed a law to ban gambling machines and sweepstakes. This includes arcade games where tickets can be purchased via phone to play at computer terminals at amusement parks.

At the same time, lawmakers in Illinois are debating a bill which would authorize American internet casinos in the state.

Delaware also wants to catch up with New York and New Jersey, and is seeking to allow race tracks to run online poker and other casino games. In addition, the bill is looking to authorize interstate gambling with other states, such as Illinois, where individual states would sign up and act as a gambling block.

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