Online Poker Sites Still Have Problems With the Heartbleed Bug

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Countless websites are still under pressure due to the trouble caused by the Heartbleed Bug.

The virtual space has new enemy and its name is Heartbleed Bug.

Vast and powerful companies like Google and Facebook, along with hundreds of thousands other firms and online gambling sites in the UK and throughout the world, are still trying to protect their customers’ information, as per PokerNewsReport.

It seems that the situation with multiple poker sites is even worse, as they not only have problems fixing its safety against the bug, but have additional security issues.

Extra safety measures required

A Qualys SSL Lab Test was performed to various
online poker sites in the UK and other countries by PokerNewsReport, which showed flaws in their protections systems.

The special report, which was published after the test, mentioned issues with obsolete SSL/TLS security protocols, which left the sites vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks.

As the Heartbleed Bug is still not completely contained, all online poker players are advised to be extra careful and change their passwords, as well as keep their online banking under close supervision.

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