Online Poker Tournaments are Becoming Popular in Latin America

Liberal gambling regulations in Chile make it an attractive market.

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Chile is one of those nations where gambling is very popular. The Chilean gambling laws since 1990s have become quite liberal and allow for all kinds of betting including lotteries, horse and donkey racing, casino gambling, and sports betting.

The online casinos in Chile can operate freely, bringing a wide range of games to the local residents including baccarat, poker, blackjack, keno, craps, online slots, bingo and many others.

In fact, the online poker sites in Chile attract many gamblers, especially when it comes to poker tournaments. These, indeed, are the classic casino table games that have a loyal following.

In a recent Poker Stars online tournament, 650 entrants battled each other over four days for $76,000 main prize. It was a Chilean poker player, Aliro Diaz, who emerged as the winner. The runner-up won $60,000, and other four players returned home with $40,000 each.

The encouraging news is that many online tournaments, whether poker, blackjack or bingo ones, offer prizes to top several players rather than to a single winner. This encourages many to try their luck at the cyberspace gambling rooms. Quite frequently, the players share the jackpots.

The online casinos are also looking to expand their offering in Spanish as there are twenty countries where this language is an official one. Indeed, this may offer competitive advantage for those seeking to enter the Latin American market with tens of millions of gamblers.

Betting on Portuguese language versions can also pay off as Brazil is the largest nation on the continent and, as an emerging market, has quickly growing middle class.

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