Parasitic Gambling Sites Feed Off Charity Promises

Charity scams in India enter the online gambling world.

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Under the current Indian gambling laws, the state lottery and a few lovely casinos in Goa is all that is legally allowed. This partial prohibition opens the way for corruption and organized crime to slowly spread its foul influence through graft and threats of violence.

Few politicians dare to speak out against illegal private lotteries which seek to help Islamic charities, even fewer will question exactly what those charities spend this money on.

It would surprise few to learn that most of these sham charities collecting money for deaf orphans instead chose to spend it on helping the spread of Islam and it’s ruthless and oppressive Sharia law throughout the region.

The crackdown on Muslim lotteries would make the Muslims worldwide riot as they always do while droves of left wing apologists would angrily blame all but the perpetrators. Who knows, Pakistan and India could even have another war and the little Bin Ladens might enter the country armed with belt bombs.

When a local Muslim in Imphal was rumored to be running internet betting in India, and subsequently caught, he has claimed to support a Muslim charity organization that sponsors the studies of Indian children at Islamic schools in Pakistan.

Puzzled authorities let the man go only to find out soon after that he has been living lavishly with one wife and three mistresses. Pressed by the law enforcement officials, the man admitted that one of his illegal online casinos in India was indeed helping to sponsor the kids’ studies in a school in Pakistan, where what the young Muslim Indian children learned was the memorization of Koran and the ways of Jihad.

Since only 5% of the gambling profits was donated, and 95% used on personal expenses, the investigators long debated with the prosecutor about what to do. As the local sources indicated, there happened to be a solution to the issue, however, those involved decline to disclose it.

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