Penn Casinos Take Hit First Time Since 2006

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Revenue drops 1.4 percent amidst competition from neighboring state

In 2013 the state of Pennsylvania’s overall gaming revenue fell by 1.4 percent to $3.1 billion. While table game revenue rose, slot revenue declined significantly.

Regional competition now plays a significant factor in the gaming market in Pennsylvania. Bordering New Jersey now has online casinos to go along with major gambling hub Atlantic City. New York state has also added to its number of non-tribal casinos. Ohio and Maryland provide competition as well.

2013 may have been a fluke, but many observers think that recent developments will be harmful for the state’s gaming industry. Online casinos may provide a solution; the additional revenue can help the state stay competitive. online casinos in America are currently limited to New Jersey and Delaware.

Are online casinos in the cards?

One gaming executive was quoting saying that in the long-term Pennsylvania “can’t afford not to” foray into the online market. The state senate recently commissioned a report on the pros and cons.
According to recent American gambling laws, states have the power to pass their own laws with regards to online gambling.

State representative Tina Davis introduced a bill in early 2013 that would have legalized online casinos. It was quickly rejected, being voted down in part by legislators supported by Sheldon Adelson, who owns the largest casino in the state.

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