Phil Mickelson Masters 2023 – Cringe Twitter Debate


Posted: May 4, 2023

Updated: May 4, 2023

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We dedicated this article to giving you the Phil Mickelson Masters 2023 results. We will talk about the scores, the points, the placements, and the Twitter drama that followed afterward. This time, we can see Phil Mickelson in a good spotlight. Furthermore, he pretty much won the argument and the rest of the poker community supported him. Rahm got a little too much ego after winning the Masters. Let’s discover how it all happened.

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In this article, I am going to talk about the Phil Mickelson Masters 2023 performance. Therefore, this article revolves around the whole phenomenon of the golf superstar. The reason why we highlight him is because he ranked high on the scoreboard. Furthermore, some respectful Twitter arguments have happened between him and Jon Rahm. Finally, we all know that Phil Mickelson is affiliated with the topic of gambling very much so.

Therefore, this is our full report. If you wish to bet on the golf legend, then I recommend you to register at any of the online sportsbook sites in the US. Without further ado, let’s review one of the biggest golf events in the whole world. Learn who won, and where can you expect to see Phil Mickelson next.

Phil Mickelson Masters 2023 Summary

Are you ready for one of the most awkward and uncomfortable debates in world history? We have countless bad examples of Mickelson in the Phil Mickelson gambling losses. However, this time he was a smart person. The current winner of the Masters has tried to be a little disrespectful and snarky, but Mickelson has none of it. He voiced his opinion, and he seemed to be an adult in the situation. Golf players have a passive competitive attitude towards each other.

However, I honestly believe that Mickelson grew it out after 13 years of an active pro-golfing career. The Golf Masters 2023 has ended. And I am going to explain the placements to you. But do not worry. Because it will leave you plenty of places to still wager. All you have to do is to register at the online sportsbook sites in the US and search for his name.

The Golf Masters 2023 Placements

According to the Bleacher Report, there are three main names to mention before we could jump into the Phil Mickelsen Masters 2023 odds. These names are no other but the following:

  1. Jon Rahm
  2. Brooks Koepka
  3. Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson did not win this year. However, he kept delivering, that’s for sure. Jon Rahm had 13 pars and 4 birdies. This has helped him score above Mickelson. However, Mickelson and Koepka tied together in second place. Finally, Keopka ended up receiving slightly more points than Mickelson. In conclusion, he brought his usual flawless execution that comes from his experience.

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The Performance Of Phil Mickelson Masters 2023

Now that we have talked about the placements. It’s time to talk about statistics. This is the funniest part because you get to compare the statistics and outcome with the 2023 golf masters odds. The 2023 Golf Master scores by Phil Mickelson were the following: 71-69-75-65280. According to Reddit, you can review every single shot one by one in a compilation. Furthermore, he has lost -8 placements with his 280 final scores.

This earning has reached $1,584,000. Have we seen him perform better? Yes. Was he more consistent in his 13 years of career? Yes, definitely. However, most athletes burn out in so many years. Yet Phil Mickelson is nowhere near being a grandfather in the sport. The newest winner even got to compete with him on Twitter. The ‘respectful’ debate quickly escalated into personal comments. Which I am going to explain.

He Is In An Argument Once More

After the Phil Mickelson Masters 2023 conclusion. According to Golf Digest, the debate started with CBS mis ranking the golfers as only 50% play on the LIV. Colt Knost pointed the mistake out, and the response was that OWGR should make sure that their placements are accurate.

Phil Mickelson hoped to explain to Colt Knost that the OWGR should do the job they are getting paid for. For this, Knost answered in a passive-aggressive tone.

He suggested that Mickelson wants to juice out more points. However, he clearly stated that after 13+ years of a golf career, he doesn’t have to worry about points or placements. The debate went further and further, Mickelsen trying to stay civil to prove his point. However, Jon Rahm’s rare victory went to his head, as he decided to be personal with him. First, he accused Phil of being held in chains by Greg.

Phil Mickelson Masters 2023 Conclusion

In conclusion, Rahm has Tweeted the following:

  • “Oh come on Phil. You’ve never been shy before! I’m sure Greg would permit you!” – Rahm’s Tweet to Mickelson

Then to this, Phil Mickelsen stated his final answer, before deciding not to answer Rahm anymore by saying:

  • “When you don’t have facts to back up your position this is what you tweet? No thanks. I’m good.” – Mickelson’s response

However, it left on an awkward note as Mickelson truly decided to not answer him on Twitter.

  • “You could share your facts on the show. We could sit down in person. Would be a wonderful discussion. And maybe our two genius minds could come up with a solution!” – Rahm’s awkward last response.

After this, the whole golf community started to call Rahm out for being a jerk. However, they do call Mickelson a genius. For more please check out the  Phil Mickelson gambling stories.

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Where To Bet On Golf Online?

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