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There’s still a few months before the 2016-17 playoffs begin, but members of Intertops can already bet on the NHL Conference winners with Intertops.

Nearly three months into the season, a number of great NHL teams have emerged as potential Stanley Cup winners. Before the championship game takes place however, you can place your bet on who will win each NHL Conference. Let’s take a look at some of the betting favorites.

Eastern Conference: Pittsburgh Penguins

The Pittsburgh Penguins have been a top team for years. They have won four Stanley Cup trophies since 1990, and have recruited some of the best players in the sport including Sydney Crosby and Mario Lemieux.

The Penguins are currently 2nd in the Metropolitan Division with a record of 23-8-5. Although the Columbus Blue Jackets are ahead of them in the rankings, the Penguins are at the top of most online sportsbooks in the US betting odds to win the NHL Eastern Conference.

Currently, the Penguins’ odds to win the Eastern Conference are set at 5.50, according to Intertops. It will be up to players like the aforementioned Crosby and Evgeni Malkin to carry the team ahead into the playoffs. If you’re planning to bet on the NHL Conference winners, the Pittsburgh Penguins might be your best option.

Western Conference: Chicago Blackhawks

There’s no question who is at the top of the NHL Western Conference rankings. The Chicago Blackhawks are looking to ride the momentum that the Chicago Cubs made this year by winning the Stanley Cup, and they are certainly on their way to get there, with a current record of 22-10-5.

If the Blackhawks can continue to make US gambling news by winning this season, they seem to be the best bet on the NHL Conference winners for the West. Key players like Jonathan Toews and Keith Duncan have helped to lead the team to their current success, and Corey Crawford is arguably the best goalie in the NFL right now.

The Blackhawks are leading the NHL Western Conference betting odds at 4.75. They are also the second-highest favorite to win the Stanley Cup, according to Intertops, with odds of 9.50.

Chicago will take on the Nashville Predators tomorrow in an away game. If they can continue to win impressively their odds to win the Stanley Cup will likely go even higher.

Are you planning to bet on the NHL Conference winners? Will the teams we listed win? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below, and make sure to check out Intertops to find a full list of weekly NFL betting odds and the best Asian handicap sportsbooks odds on the internet!

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