Pogba Next Club Betting Tips: Will He Stay or Move to a New Club in the Winter?

  • Paul Pogba wanted to leave Manchester United during the summer
  • Zidane is eager to get him...
Pogba Next Club Betting Tips France
He won’t leave France, but he might leave Manchester. Image source: Photo by Антон ЗайцевCropped by DanyeleEdited by Bogomolov.PL [CC BY-SA 3.0 GFDL] / Wikimedia Commons

During the summer Paul Pogba was linked with a possible move to different clubs like Real Madrid and Juventus. Though he stayed at Manchester United and still plays there, for now, he can easily leave the club soon. We collected Pogba Next Club betting tips, see the most likely ones below.

Paul Pogba is one of the most expensive players in the world, Manchester United paid €105 million for him for Juventus. He is earning £290 000 per week,  but he doesn’t seem happy at the club and might leave it soon.

Reasons for Pogba’s possible leave

This is Pogba’s fourth year at the Red Devils, after returning to the club from Juventus in 2016. Since then his form has been changing frequently, sometimes playing brilliantly, like in the Europa League final against AFC Ajax in 2017. He also scored two goals against Manchester City in the Premier League in 2018. 

But he didn’t defend that well, and he also had issues with then-manager Jose Mourinho. Their relationship reached rock bottom last year when Mourinho called Pogba a virus, and the reason for the team’s poor form. After that Pogba didn’t play much until Mourinho was sacked at the end of 2018.

New start

New manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s had faith in the French man and moved him back in the starting eleven. Under the new management, Pogba found his form again and started to score goals. But by the end of the season he seemed to run out of steam. Though he had the most successful season of his career during 2018-19, with 16 goals and 11 assists, fans and pundits were criticizing him a lot.

He was mentioning finding new challenges in the summer break. Real apparently made an offer for him, but United refused it. After suffering a foot injury, he was out most of this season so far, so talks emerged again about his leave. But it is more likely that he will stay until the end of the season, so he can recover and get back to playing and scoring goals.

Bookmakers in their Pogba Next Club Betting tips gave 1.14 odds for him to stay at the club for now. Online sportsbooks in the UK are also mentioning a possible change in the manager’s chair at United. This move can change Pogba’s mind and make him stay at the club a little longer. 

Pogba Next Club Betting Tips: Possible New Clubs

In case Pogba would leave in January, the biggest favourite as Pogba’s new club is still Real Madrid, 1xBet is offering 6.00 odds for a move there. Though Real has already bought Eden Hazard during the summer, Pogba can still fit in the team. His main motive to move to the Blancos is the coach, Zinedine Zidane, who is one of his idols. Apparently, Zidane is a fan of Pogba too.

Pogba Next Club Betting Tips Man Utd
Is he leaving Manchester? Image source: Photo by ArdfernCropped and retouched by Danyele [CC BY-SA 4.0] / Wikimedia Commons
Another possibility for him is to rejoin his former club Juventus. He had the best time of his career in Italy, though the team has changed a lot since.  It has a new coach in the person of Mauricio Sarri as well,  and Pogba might not fit into Sarri’s plan. But according to the latest rumours, Juventus would offer two players, Mario Mandzukic and Emre Can in exchange for Pogba. The odds for a move back to Juventus is 17.00

Another club’s name which has come up as a possible destination is FC Barcelona, with the odds of 10.00 as Pogba’s new club. But with Real Madrid in the picture, it is not very likely to see him in Blaugrana shirt. Of course, Paris Saint German’s name has come up as well with the odds of 21.00. PSG would have the money for Pogba, the question is if Pogba would like to play in France. 

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