Poker Evolves with Babelfish Technology by Microgaming

Microgaming Babelfish

Babelfish software will allow operators to customize the software in specific markets targeted and it supports any language.

Poker will never be the same again as Microgaming launches Babelfish, a revolutionary poker software. Named after the fictional creature Babelfish that translated languages from all over the world, the software has cutting edge API, approved under UK gambling laws, making it a pinnacle in the poker world.

With this new API software, developers from all over the globe, can create their very own poker client software and run it securely on the MPN. Operators can develop software in any programming language, using the Babelfish API to suit their specific needs.

When developers join the MPN’s liquidity pool, they will gain access to all of the Babelfish network’s cash games and tournaments available on mobile betting sites. Players can still play for real money as well as play money.

Migration of all players to the MPN by first operator to go live with Babelfish

Aex Scott, Head of Poker at Microgaming, says “Babelfish is definitely a game changer for poker”. It permits UK poker room operators, among others, to customize their poker software to some level never attained before, while still getting support from the Babelfish community.

Expensive hosting costs, random number generators and other complcated issues linked to online poker software, will be a thing of the past. Other perks from the Babelfish software is that operators can now create software for devices such as smartwatch, a connected fridge, in-car entertainment system, games consoles and smart televisons.

A well-known poker operator, who identity will be made public soon, will be moving all of their players to the MPN soon, “offering a mix of private and shared-liquidity games, providing mutual benefits for both the operator and the network” as a first step in this revolutionary poker era.

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