Poker Stars Is Fully Licensed to Operate in Belgium

Poker Stars becomes officially licensed in the newly regulated Belgian online gambling market

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Poker Stars collaboration with Circus Groupe, a Belgian gambling company, has paid off with dividends. The giant online poker operator becomes one of the first to be officially licensed under the new Belgian gambling laws.

Poker Stars has been granted the license to operate online poker sites in Belgium under the Casino de Namur A+ license. Back in 2011 the site has already been authorized for testing by the Belgian Gaming Commission. Now, the operational license has been approved. Shuffle up and deal, gentlemen.

Chairman of the Belgian Gaming Commission, Etienne Marique, told Belgium gambling news: “This is an important step forward for the regulation of online gambling. Not only is the legal framework offering the possibility for operators to offer their online games of chance, but from an economical point of view gambling operators are given opportunities in Belgium.”

He went on to add: ”And all this in an environment that protects players more than illegal websites do – for example, excluded players cannot play at licensed websites and an average hourly loss is applicable to each player.”

Head of online gaming at Circus Groupe, Jean Christophe Choffray, commented: “We are delighted that with the great efforts and co-operation of the Gaming Board we have been able to become fully regulated in the Belgium market.”

Previously, the Belgian Gaming Commission has already stated that since the beginning of this year only fully-licensed gaming operators will be authorized to offer online gambling services in Belgium and the Commission will prevent any unlicensed operators from accessing players in the country.

The Belgian site of the online poker giant will be jointly operated with Casino de Namur. It is the largest site to be authorized and operated so far in Belgium. Belgian players are now free to play in all Poker Stars international tournaments as well as cash games.

Poker Stars Head of development, Guy Templer, commented: “Poker Stars is proud to be among the first fully-licensed operators in Belgium. We are delighted to be able to offer a locally licensed product to Belgian players through our partnership with Circus Groupe. This furthers our goal to obtain licenses in all newly-regulated markets.”

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