Poker Tournaments to Follow in March 2021


Posted: March 8, 2021

Updated: March 8, 2021

  • Most gambling tournaments are scheduled online this year
  • Which poker events are worth your attention in March?

There are many online poker tournaments to follow in March 2021. All of them take place online, so everyone can join the party regardless of his location. Let’s see which gambling events should you participate in this year.

Poker is undoubtedly a casino game with the most tournaments hosted across the globe. Neither blackjack nor slots or craps can boast of such attention that poker gets from gamblers. Every year, dozens of poker take place in various countries. In 2021, they will be held online at online gambling sites in the US. Let’s see all the top events you should follow this March.

Three main poker tournaments to follow in March 2021

Usually, poker tournaments take place every month of the year. This is explained by the huge popularity of the game and lots of gamblers willing to participate. In March 2021, many tournaments are going to take place live and/or online. So, which ones you shouldn’t miss?

World Poker Tour 

One of the biggest poker tournaments, WPT is probably the major event of the month. It is a series of international poker tournaments and associated television series broadcasting the final table of each event.

poker tournaments to follow in March 2021
Let’s play!

The 2020 WPT Gardens Poker Championship is now scheduled for March 10, 2021. This will be the main event to follow within the World Poker Tour this month. Apparently, Chance Kornuth is the chip leader among the final 6 players.

The Wynn Spring Classic

Wynn is one of the biggest casinos in Vegas hosting poker tournaments. This year, The Wynn Spring Classic takes place in the resort hotel. Being broadcast at online casinos in the US, the event will last until March 22, so you can follow the tournament online. It has just started, so you don’t miss a lot of games if you join the party right away.

Asian Poker Tour 

Asian Poker Tour 2021 is in its full flow. The event started in February and is about to reveal its winner on March 15. As of now, only a few events have to take place before the tour’s end. Top poker players are competing in Hold’Em to win the main prize. Recently, Kitty Kuo won the APT Taiwan Main Event. Who will be the next one to beat poker pros? 

Other poker tournaments to follow in March 2021

Apart from the three main poker events of spring, you can follow the next competitions in March 2021:

  • Escalator Series V
  • Partypoker MILLIONS online
  • Amber Poker Championship
  • Bestbet SpringSeries
  • LAPS

So, which tournament will you choose to watch? Follow all the events at Intertops Casino to stay tuned and play poker under the best conditions at this gambling site.

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