PokerStars Supported EPT Season 12 Kicks Off in Barcelona with Huge Festival

EPT Season 12 Barcelona

Barcelona will give venue to the EPT Season 12’s very first step, hosting a total of 71 tournaments.

According to the reports by Spanish gambling news, European Poker Tour’s first host will be the capital of Catalonia. Barcelona is one of the most popular places of the tournament series as the city gave venue to all previous events, and EPT Season 12 can count on the Spanish city once again.

The EPT Season 12 will kick off in Barcelona together with the Estrellas Poker Tour. Both tournament series will take place from 18 – 30 August. The next 6 stops of EPT Season 12 are already announced – The European Poker Tour will make a return to Malta and Dublin as well this season, according to the reports by online betting sites.

EPT Season 12 is expected to break many records

As usual, Casino Barcelona will be the host once again. 365 players have already won their places to the Main Event, which was played among 423 poker enthusiasts last season. EPT Season 12 is expected to exceed even that number, due to the incredible interest shown towards the poker tournament series.

online gambling sites in Spain report that EPT Season 12 is also believed to pay out the highest amounts of money as earnings this season. 2 years ago, a total of around EUR 94 million was paid out, while last season handed out a total of EUR 114 million in cash prizes. The total number of generated entries last season was the largest-ever record with 60,731 entries. Even that number could be exceeded at EPT Season 12!

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