Police Bust €1,760,000 Postal Fraud Suspect Drunk at Irish Bookmaker

A postal employee suspected of stealing and losing €1.76 million to online sportsbooks in Ireland was captured drunk at Irish bookmakers.

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Tony O’Reilly, 36, was captured last night by Irish police investigators after his family became concerned by his disappearance and reported him missing. Tony, the once respected senior postal manager from the town of Carlow was being investigated after a massive €1,760,000 fraud was uncovered at his postal branch.

Fellow postal workers as well as O’Reilly’s family never questioned how the government employee was able to afford a €40,000 bet on sports in Ireland each and every week for a number of years. When the police began closing in, the young postal punter vanished without a trace.

His concerned family, fearing for his safety, contacted police investigators and revealed that Tony O’Reilly was addicted to internet gambling in Ireland.

The family explained that only recently did Tony’s health begin to fail after daily injection of 3 or more liters of fine Irish whiskey. Tony, in a perpetual alcohol induced stupor began placing huge wagers on longshot bets in an effort to recover from his multi-million euro loses.

It did not take Sherlock Holmes to track down Mr. O’Reilly. A quick call to nearby Irish online sportsbooks quickly discovered the highly intoxicated x-postal manager at the Belfast office of a popular online sportsbook in Ireland.

In a stroke of luck for police investigators, Tony just placed a winning €40,000 bet on an odds-on shot to win €27,000. The Irish bookies unhappily explained that Tony fell asleep while counting his winnings just as he was about to bet €67,000 on a sporting event which concluded a few days earlier.

Tony O’Reilly’s family blames online gambling sites in Ireland for their son’s “predicament.” O’Reilly remains in guarded condition under constant medical care while detoxing from the lengthy alcohol binge and will most likely be charged after regaining sobriety.

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