Police Chief Calls for Total War against Gambling in Philippines

Director General of the Philippine national police called for a total war against gambling in Philippines and order police to show no restraint.

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Chief Director General Nicanor Bartolome, the highest ranking cop in Philippines, called for a total war against those forms of gambling which are considered illegal under Philippines gambling laws.

“We will not stop. There will be no letup in the campaign against illegal gambling,” General Bartolome ordered.

According to online gambling news in Philippines, the police chief is angry at local precincts for arresting only the gamblers who play at illegal casinos not under the police protection or bet on sports in Philippines.

“We should not be selective in the campaign. We should be fair to everyone,” General Bartolome ordered.

The police chief also demanded that cops must arrest everyone involved in gambling without discriminating even those who pay heavy bribes in order to remain unmolested by the corrupt police forces.

“I have been very vocal about the illegal gambling campaign. It should be given emphasis,” General Bartolome ordered.

When the police chief was reminded that gambling dens that pay police protection bribes will stop paying them if no reciprocal benefits are received, the Director General declared total uncompromising war against everyone who dares play games outside licensed venues.

Why focus on gambling?:

 Philippines is not the safest country in the world by far, with murder, robbery, and gun violence rampant. Most stores look like mini-fortresses with metal detectors and machine gun armed security guards stationed inside even rickety corner stores.

In the southern area of the country, savage bands of Muslim head hunters are on the prowl with the government unable to do much in efforts to stop the advancement of Islam.

Yet the police chief wants all efforts to focus on the Philippine illegal lottery or dice games when there are legal casinos and lottery all over the country.

The reason for this directive is obvious to insiders who state that the police are scared of the organized crime and blood thirsty Muslims so the real serious quality of life problems are way too dangerous.

However, extorting some quick money from arrested gamblers or den operators before releasing them is a quick way for cops to make some easy money, and best of all its 100% safe. There is little worry that friends or family of some old farmer caught playing dice will cut anyone’s heads off.

“We welcome information from you, from our constituents and from the public on this,” the General said before ending the press conference and retreating for an afternoon nap.

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