Police Raid Yet Another Illegal Russian Casino in Central Moscow

Russian police have uncovered yet another illegal casino catering to high end gamblers right in center of Moscow.

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Two years after Russian Tsar Putin woke up one morning, saw it was raining, and decided to ban gambling under new Russian gambling laws, (besides 4 patches of land only accessible by survival experts), Russian police are still uncovering underground casinos just around the corner from the Kremlin.

According to online gambling news in Russia, police raided an underground casino smack in the center of Moscow with police footage showing smashed up blackjack tables, destroyed slots and remains of what hours earlier was an exclusive mini-casino for high rollers.

The casino was located in a huge apartment locked behind several coded and locked doors refurbished with ultra-luxury fittings which were carefully taken away by senior police officers ‘for further forensic testing.’

Police claim that the casino was previously located within a central Moscow hotel which they refused to identify and relocated to this apartment after gambling was banned in Russia.

Up until two years ago, casinos and slot-machine parlors filled with happy revelers dotted the landscape of Moscow which today is back to its bleak Soviet era look.

No one is such whether a recent increase in casino raids and high-level arrests is a genuine attempt to eradicate illegal gambling, or simply a settling of scores among different Russian organized crime groups within the authorities.

Russian tabloid newspapers are full of speculative stories about greedy civil servants and prosecutors, who allegedly demand expensive watches, exotic holidays and cash payments from organized crime casino operators in exchange for remaining silent.

A number of top ranking officials in the Interior Ministry and Prosecutor’s Office have been arrested for providing cover to these illegal gambling operations, many of which had been relocated to small towns outside Moscow.

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