Premier League Betting Preview – Matchday 26 (Part I)

Premier League betting preview

Following a small break from regular league action, the top flight of English football is ready to show everyone what they’ve been missing.

Last weekend during the Valentine’s Day festivities the Premier League took a break, as sporting fans were graced with FA Cup encounters. So now we are back to take a look at matchday 26 of the Premier League which promises to feature superb games, according to UK gambling news.

• Arsenal favorites against Crystal Palace away
• Aston Villa faces uncertainty against Stoke City
• Sunderland are viewed as preferential side against West Brom

Aston Villa will receive a visit from Stoke City on Saturday afternoon, while Crystal Palace will defend their colors against Arsenal. Queens Park Rangers have climbed out of the danger zone however they still lie very close to it and will now receive another test against Hull City away. And finally, we will also take a look at the game between Sunderland and West Brom.

Aston Villa vs Stoke City and Crystal Palace vs Arsenal

Aston Villa used to be a promising team in the English league some years ago, however now they are fighting to remain in the Premier League next season. They currently sit in 18th place with 22 points and maintain a home record of 2 wins, 5 draws and 5 losses, so their chances to beat Stoke City in the upcoming match are limited. Bet365 has assigned them odds of 2.63 (13/8) for a win, a result that does not seem very likely.

Premier League

Stoke City are in a far more comfortable position than their opponents as they currently occupy 10th place with 33 points. Over the last 5 games they notched 2 losses, 1 draw and 2 wins, which is part of the reason why their odds stand at 2.70 (17/10). A draw 3.20 (11/5) may be perhaps the most probable event considering the results in the recent performances.

Crystal Palace currently sit in 13th position with 27 points, however many believe that they could have done a little better especially at home where they have a record of 3 wins, 3 draws and 6 losses. They will next play against Arsenal at home so it might prove a little challenging to overcome a team that operates with a significantly larger budget than them, according to mobile betting sites.

Premier League

The Gunners have brought in some great players over the summer but they haven’t successfully integrated all of them in the squad. One stand out player is definitely Alexis Sanchez who was bought from Barcelona and he is often credited with saving Arsenal. Bet365 has given them favorite status 1.75 (3/4), however punters should be careful with this encounter as Arsenal are known to blunder at times which is why a draw may also be possible 3.60 (13/5).

Hull City vs QPR and Sunderland vs West Brom

Hull City will go head to head with Queens Park Rangers, a team that sits 1 place below them in the Premier League. Steve Bruce’s men have managed to record 3 wins, 3 draw and 6 losses while playing on their home field, whereas their form during the last 5 games stands at 1 win, 1 draw and 3 losses. Despite having a relatively bad record Bet365 still believes that they can pull off a win 2.05 (12/11) against QPR at home.

Premier League

The visiting side currently sit in 17th place with 22 points overall however their form is worse than that of Hull as they recorded a staggering 4 losses and only 1 win over the last 5 encounters. While playing away from home they have managed to win only once while all the rest of the games ended in a massive 11 losses. Their chances for a win are very limited 3.75 (11/4), per Bet365.

Sunderland have managed to accumulate 24 points so far which has granted them 15th spot on the table. Their performances at home have been quite lackluster which has seen them net only 2 wins, whereas the rest of the matches resulted in 6 draws and 5 losses. Despite having a bad home record Bet365 has put their confidence in Sunderland to clinch victory 2.45 (16/11).

Premier League

West Brom on the other hand have been dealt underdog odds 2.90 (19/10) due to the fact that they’ll be the visiting side, although in reality their away record is not that different from Sunderland’s home record. On the road they recorded 2 wins, 5 draws and 5 losses, which is why Online sportsbooks in UK have set the odds for a draw at 3.20 (11/5), an event that is rather likely.


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