Premier League Relegation Betting Predictions

  • Norwich City and Aston Villa may go back to the Football League Championship
  • Bournemouth Upcoming matches are not promising
  • West Ham, Watford, and Brighton are in danger
Premier League Relegation Betting

The Premier is the most competitive league in Europe and around the world. Unlike most other leagues, no team really dominates for a long period of time. Not only the fight for the title is exciting, but the competition out of the relegations is as well. In this season, with nine games left, it is still unclear which teams will be out of the league next season. Check out the Premier League relegation betting predictions as the season is coming to an end.

Norwich City are Struggling After Promotion

Norwich City had a very successful season last year after finishing on top of the Championship table with 94 points. This guaranteed them a place in the Premier League in the 2019/ 2020 season. With nine games left in this season’s Premier League, Norwich had a disastrous season, to say the least. They currently sit at the bottom of the table with just 21 points. In addition, the team does not have the needed attacking force as they are the weakest attacking team in the league. The reason for this season’s poor performance is the lack of experienced players in the squad. Although Norwich possesses some good talented players such as, Ben Godfrey and Jamal Lewis, failing to reinforce the squad at the beginning of the season could have serious consequences.

Premier League Relegation Betting
The league is on!

Currently, they are the favorites in the Premier League relegation betting predictions. Online sportsbook sites in the UK have put Norwich the team that is most likely to get relegated this season. On KTO, betting odds for the Canaries to get relegated are 1.11.

Aston Villa in the Same Situation as Norwich City

Like Norwich City, Aston Villa has been struggling to perform in this season’s Premier League. The team is currently in 19th place in the standings with two points behind safety. So far in the season, Aston Villa has displayed a vulnerable defensive line as they have conceded more goals than any other team. Also, the team did not have luck on their side with injuries of key players such as Wesley, McGinn, and Tom Heaton. Therefore, they will be relying on Jack Greenish to pull them out of danger. The team will certainly turn it up in the final strides of the season.

It is also important to mention that they still have a game in hand because they played 28 games so far while most other teams played 29. Therefore, if Aston Villa win their rescheduled match, they move out of the danger zone. Regardless of this “extra” game, the Premier League relegation betting predictions place them as one of the candidate teams to get demoted. Betting odds on KTO for Villa to be relegated are 1.33.

Premier League Relegation Betting Predictions Show Bournemouth FC Have a Tough Way Ahead

After finishing in 14th place in the previous season, Bournemouth FC is not having the best of seasons. The team is currently in 18th place in the standings. Having lost seven of their last ten games shows the bad form the team is going through. Also, it does not help that their remaining away games are against Manchester City, Manchester United, Wolves, and Everton. Therefore, the team will face some tough adversities in their upcoming matches. They need to step up for the challenge otherwise they are strong candidates to be relegated. The Premier League relegation betting predictions for Bournemouth FC on KTO are 1.80.

Premier League Relegation Betting
Who are you betting on?

Premier League Relegation Betting Predictions: Which Other Teams are Fighting for the Safety?

There are three other teams that are still in the danger zone of getting relegated. First is West Ham United, who are currently in sixteenth place. The team’s season has been disastrous with poor performances and internal conflicts. It is clear that the conflicts have had a significant impact on the team and could lead them to worse consequences. Under such conditions, the Premier League relegation betting predictions put them as one of the candidates even though this was not foreseen at the beginning of the season. Odds of West Ham to get relegated on KTO are 3.

Another team that is also underachieving in comparison with last season is Watford. The team struggled to get out of the relegation zone after finishing in 11th place previously. Also, Watford has struggled to find stability in this season as they are on their third manager in this campaign. Odds of them dropping to the Football League Championship on KTO are 3.4. Finally, after coming close to getting relegated last season, Brighton find themselves in the same situation in this campaign. Will they pull it off again and remain in the Premier League? Odds of them getting relegated are 3.75.

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