Ranked: Best Golf Players in 2020

  • From Johnson to Rahm: top-10 golfers of the year are ranked
  • Who has the most chances to win the 2020 Masters?
best golf players in 2020

There have been few golf competitions this year, however, ranking the 10 best golf players in 2020 is still possible. From the perspective of the official sports statistics, we have figured out who is the most successful golfer so far.

Like any other kind of sport, golf has its own stars to shine. Despite the fact that golf competition schedules have also survived certain changes, there is an official world ranking of the 10 best golf players in 2020. Let’s see who they are.

Best golf players in 2020: a full list

#10 – Tommy Fleetwood. A 29-years-old English professional golf player opens the list of the most successful golfers this year. With 5.575 average points, Fleetwood is in the 10th position, according to the official ranking. He plays on the European Tour, where he has already won 5 times. Use GT Bets to wager on Fleetwood to win the 2020 Masters.

#9 – Webb Simpson. This American professional golfer managed to earn 5.840 points in 2020 and hit the 9th place. 34-years-old Simpson is the 2012 U.S. Open winner and holder of the 2018 Players Championship prize. In total, he won six professional trophies so far.

best golf players in 2020
Those are some incredible golfers.

#8 – Patrick Reed. Another golfer from North America is on the 8th position of the best golf players in 2020. With 5.867 avg points, a 29-years-old Reed can boast of eight wins in golf tournaments, including the PGA Tour and the European Tour.

#7 – Patrick Cantlay shared his position with Patrick Reed as one of the most successful golfers of this year. He has also gained 5.867 points starting from January 2020 from visiting 43 golf events. You can follow some of them at online sportsbooks in the US.

#6 – Adam Scott. The only Australian golf player is 6th on the list of the best golfers so far. Since the beginning of the year, he gained 5.072 points from 42 competitions. Besides this, 39-years old Scott is one of the most experienced players with 31 wins.

Dustin Johnson

One of the greatest golfers, Dustin Johnson, is currently ranked as the 5th best player in the world. This year, he earned 6.449 points, which allowed him to enter the top-5. Moreover, the 35-years-old American golfer has good chances to win the 2020 Masters that will take place this November and add another trophy to his collection. Currently, Johnson is a 29-time awards winner and a former #1 golfer, who stayed at the top for 64 weeks.

Justin Thomas

A former #1 golfer Justin Thomas has a successful year in his professional career. Besides having good odds to win the 2020 Masters, he is also ranked as the 4th best golfer of the year. Thomas has earned 7.411 points so far by participating in more than 40 golf tournaments. Does it mean that another Player Of The Year title for the 27-years-old golfer is coming soon?

best golf players in 2020
Who’s your favorite?

Brooks Koepka

With 7.729, an American golfer Brooks Koepka enters the top-3 of the best golf players in 2020. The 30-years-old pro has won plenty of titles and cups during his career. The most prestigious include the U.S. Open and two consecutive PGA Championships. Winning both of them in 2017 made him the first golfer to take two majors at once. His chances to shine this year are also great, so we can bet that Koepka will be higher on this list by the end of 2020.

Jon Rahm

A Spanish golfer Jon Rahm is currently a runner-up in the top-10 best golf players of the year (and the youngest one). Rahm gained 8.480 points in 2020, which allowed him to become one of the favorites for the Masters in November. If he wins the one, he will receive his 11th professional prize in just 4 years of top-tier career. Currently, Rahm owns 3 PGA Tour trophies, 6 European Tour prizes, and 2nd place in the world ranking.

Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy is the best golfer in the world, according to the 2020 stats. Golf player from Northern Ireland has earned a record 9.447 points since the beginning of the year and confirm his title aka current #1 by the OWGR. He also holds the record for spending over 100 weeks at the top. No wonder that GT Bets Sportsbook gives him the best odds to win the upcoming Masters 2020.

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