Who Will Relegate from Serie A – Teams That Are Struggling

  • Brescia is not ready yet
  • Spal is struggling after a decent season last year
  • US Lecce defense could cost them a lot
Who Will Relegate from Serie A

We are more than halfway through the football season in Serie A, and candidates to get relegated are getting clearer. Newly promoted teams are struggling while other unexpected teams could get relegated too. The conversation of who will relegate from Serie A this season is getting more interesting as the season comes to an end. This article includes all the possible candidate teams who might not make it to the next season.

Brescia Could Not Compete with the Level of the A Division

After an impressive performance in the previous season, Brescia won the 2018/ 2019 Serie B. This guaranteed them a promotion to the Serie A league after 8 years of absence. Under head coach Eugenio Corini, the performance of the team during this campaign was disappointing. This had the management appoint Diego Lopez as the team’s new head coach in hopes of turning things around. However, it seems Brescia is heading back to Serie B regardless. In their last ten matches, the team has not won a single game. They drew three games and lost seven. Currently, Brescia is in last place in the league standings with 16 points, nine points away from safety.

With such poor performances in this campaign, online sportsbook sites in Italy placed Brescia as favorites in the who will relegate from Serie A betting odds. For instance, on KTO, betting odds for Brescia to head back to Serie B are 1.05.

Who Will Relegate from Serie A
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Spal May Get Relegated After Three Years in Serie A

Spal came back to the Serie A division in the 2017/ 2018 season after going through bankruptcy and playing in second and third-tier divisions. Last season, the team seemed to be on the right track of planting themselves in the Serie A division after finishing in 13th place with 42 points. However, things are not going according to plans in this ongoing season. After 26 games, Spall managed to win only five of those. As a result, they are currently in 19th place in the standings with 18 points. In addition, statistics show that the team lacks firepower as they only scored 20 goals so far, less than any other team in the league.

After going through head coach replacement and many other misfortunes, Spal are on their way to the B division this season. Odds of them to get relegated from Serie A on KTO are 1.07. Unless the team finds a way to start winning more matches, we will surely see them in the B division next season.

US Lecce Will Relegate from Serie A Unless They Improve the Defensive Lineup

Lecce are new arrivals to the Serie A. The team finished second in Serie B with 66 points. Although Lecce is not in a good situation, they are doing better than Brescia. The team is currently in 18th place with 25 points and one point away from the safe zone. Their fragile defense is the main reason they are in this situation. Lecce have the weakest defensive lineup as they conceded 56 goals, more than any other team. With the remaining games, the team should improve their defensive strategy to get out of the conversation of who will relegate from Serie A. Betting odds of US Lecce to get relegated are 1.53 on KTO.

Who Will Relegate from Serie A
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The Relegation Battle Between Bottom Teams is Very Close.

There are a few other teams that are far from the safety in the relegation battle. First is Genoa CFC which are in 17th place with 25 points. After narrowly avoiding relegation last season, Genoa is back in the candidates list of who will relegate from Serie A this season. After a managerial instability period, the team found themselves fighting to remain in the A division yet again. Betting odds of Genoa to get relegated are 4.5.

On the other hand, UC Sampdoria find themselves in an unfamiliar situation. The team finished in 9th place last season but are having wobbly performances in this campaign. They are not far away from danger with 26 points in 16th place. Betting odds on for Sampdoria to drop to the B division are 6. Finally, after a gamble with an unknown coach, Udinese are in a place they do not want to be in. However, with the replacement of the head coach, the team seems to be on the right track again. They have jumped to 14th place in the table, yet the performances have been inconsistent. Odds of Udinese to get relegated are 7.

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