Professional Poker Players Launch Anti-Cheating Campaign

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After an incident at WSOP last month, poker players demand severe punishments for cheaters.

The poker community is pushing for Nevada lawmakers to change the current American gambling laws and adopt stricter rules against collusion and cheating. The information was picked up and spread by twoplustwo, the influential online poker forum visited by players from all over the world.

Several players who frequent American poker rooms thought it was time to start a campaign that could help put an end to cheating. They are trying to reach out to Nevada’s officials, in an attempt to convince them to adopt more serious punishments for players who break the rules.

Campaign for fairness

A group of highly experienced players decided to use their knowledge and skills for the benefit of the poker industry, so they are coming up with a set of ideas that might help improve Nevada’s current legislative system.

The initiative was triggered by an incident of collusion at the World Series of Poker last month. The proposed changes focus mainly on recovering players’ funds after the cheater is exposed.

Participants also proposed that criminal or civil proceedings be instituted against cheaters. As a precaution, every exposed cheater’s personal details should be distributed to licensed operators, to make sure that gambling companies and players are warned of the consequences.

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