Pros on Bikes – Tourist Guide For Bike-Mad Amateurs and Pros Biking in France

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Cycling like gambling is a risk most adventurous people are willing to take.

Cycling is a sport where we can easily hurt ourselves. Of course, that’s not the only sport that can be quite violent. We very well know that when 120 kg rugby man comes straight at you and flattens you out, you are sure to have the wind blown out of you. But at least you know when it’s coming. Riding on your bike, with the wind in your face, for pleasure or for a bet, you never know when you are going to hit the ground or how hard.

But even then that doesn’t stop you from getting right back up on that bike and continue your trek to visit some awesome landscape or particularly rocky mountain range like the Pyrenees. In France both one and the other are there for you to savor. Touring on your bike in France is as easy as mobile betting, if you’re going solo. Let’s check them out.

Going solo

Some tourists even prefer to travel by Eurostar with their bikes and just pay a little something extra, when travelling over from another European country. Once you get in the country you can pretty much bike around in the open countryside and there are loads of family-led guest houses called ‘gites’, whose staff would be happy to have you.

Accueil Velo is the sign on Cyclist-friendly hotels all over France

The bike-friendly hotels and guests houses in France are called Accueil Vélo (Cyclists Welcome). These are accredited by the tourist board, and confirmed by French gambling news, in France. They have a special symbol so you can’t miss them. They allow you store your bikes. They also offer you bike-related services as well as advice on where to ride.

A tri-way trip to the top of Mount Ventoux

One such place is the Mount Ventoux where you can enjoy a leisurely bike stroll. Mount Ventoux is 1,912m high. It is located in the Provence. The breathtaking landscape is lunar and has been, on several occasions, a favorite for a Tour de France stage, because of the grueling climb, adored by pros and amateurs alike.

There is a guesthouse called Vélo Ventoux, just 15 miles from the foot of the mountain and you can even opt for a bike tour guide especially suited for those who prefer to be on the safe side. If you feel up for a challenge, why not try out a French internet casino or become a member of the Club des Cinglés (Club for Crazies)? Once in, you have to cycle to the top of the Mount Ventoux, using three different paths, all in one day.

Biking in the Alps and Pyrenees

One couple who are mad about biking decided to realize their very own bike touring establishment called Le Domestique Tours in 2011. They offer a whole array of adventurous rides on bike through the Alps and the Pyrenees. Also you can try out the half-board accommodation and transfers.

There are loads of week-long mountain tours taken from the Tour de France stages to try out. These include the rigorous ascents to Tourmalet, Mont Ventoux and Alpe d’Huez. Rest assured that there are tour guides with you as well as a support vehicle with spares and extra clothing.

The magically mysterious Mont-Saint-Michel

Another hot place to try out is the paths to the magnificent Mont St Michel. People often think Mont St. Michel is so crowded that here would hardly be any place left to bike. Well if you were to make a bet on that, under French gambling laws, then you’d probably lose. Mont-Saint-Michel is located in the heart of Brittany, dotted with villages and castles, forests and an emerald coastline.

Slow down the pace and go on the off-beaten tracks to discover the once-upon-a-time pirate city of Saint-Malo. Listen to the legends as you cycle through the narrow streets on your way to the fortified by Vauban.

France is a natural wonderland for bikers, native and tourist alike
Enjoy the view after a palpitating climb up through the valley of the Rance Valley and be lost in the panoramic views before heading to the former Medieval town of Dinan. So gear up now and go ride away to a great adventure on the coasts, in the mountains or over the plains that make France such a natural wonderland for bikers.

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