Racing Glory Revived in Kolkata, India

One of the most exciting and prestigious forms of gambling is that of betting on horse races.

One of the most exciting and prestigious forms of gambling is that of betting on horse races. This is an entertainment practiced all over the world and anyone from children to the elderly can enjoy it. The way the majestic horses bust out of the gate and make a dash for the finish line is captivating. This is especially the case for those who’ve bet money on which horse will pass the line first.

Horseracing is a tradition that has been popular since before 1847 in India. The Royal Calcutta Turf Club was set up at that time and is the oldest racing club in the entire country. According to Indian gambling law based on decisions of the Supreme Court, horseracing is not gambling but a game of skill and, therefore, perfectly legal. As one can guess, the facility has become a little run down over time, but new interest has been shown around the prestigious RCTC.

On November 29th the RCTC organized the horse racing championship Calcutta 1000 Guineas Grill in hopes of reviving racing in the city. Management believes that with the right sponsors, RCTC has the chance to once again be racecourse in the country set against the backdrop of the majestic Victoria Memorial. One of the more promising sponsors is Delta Corp Limited, the company that owns Casino Royale in Goa.

In terms of turnover and spectators, estimates indicate that it may take a while for Kolkata’s track to catch up with those which are located in Mumbai and Bangalore. According to RCTC’s chairman Cyrus Maidan, the venues popularity has been on the rise since early 2007 and has at no point shown a drawback.

There are many online gambling sites in India for those who can’t make it to the races in person. The races are extremely popular on and offline when it comes to betting due to their legality. The fact that almost all forms of gambling are illegal in India makes the sport ever more popular. This popularity may lead Kolkata back to its former standing as the foremost racetrack in India.

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