Real Madrid Transfer Rumours: Will Lewandowski Sign for Los Blancos?

Robert Lewandowski Transfer Rumours

The latest Real Madrid transfer rumours are sure that Robert Lewandowski is set to sign for Los Blancos.

Online Sportsbook news sites in Spain are on fire about the latest Real Madrid transfer rumours. They are sure that after Jerzy Dudek, the Royal Club is ready to purchase another Polish player. We’ll see in the summer transfer window, but according to the latest Real Madrid and Bayern Munich transfer rumours, this will be a record transfer fee for the Royal Club.

The source of the latest Real Madrid transfer rumours…

Of course such ideas don’t just show up out of nowhere. There is a reason why Real Madrid transfer rumours about capturing Bayern Munich’s number 9 are getting stronger than ever, and it’s not even just the fantasy of some bored journalists. Robert Lewandowski fired his agent who assisted his move to Bayern Munich…

However, that’s not the interesting part of the story. Lewa replaced him immediately with Pini Zahavi. He was key figure in Neymar’s move to PSG as well, and he might be up for another milestone. Will he help Lewandowski move to the Spanish capital?

Why would Real Madrid need Lewandowski?

You might want to consider placing a bet on Lewandowski to sign for Real Madrid and it might even turn out to be a winning bet eventually. Online Sportsbook sites in Spain are already offering odds for Lewandowski to join Real Madrid so you might want to take advantage of those.

Especially because Real Madrid are in desperate need of a world class striker, and Bayern’s Polac is one of the obvious candidates. He is possibly the best striker in the world today. That’s how the Real Madrid transfer rumours about Lewandowski’s signature came alive and that’s why they might actually end up being true.

Bayern never give up easily on their best players…

If you want to purchase one of the biggest stars from Bayern Munich, you have to be either very rich or very lucky. Real Madrid were lucky enough to buy Toni Kroos a few years ago, but can they lure another Bayern star and turn him into White?

Real Madrid’s interest has been wide known for years – they were even in the race for signing Lewandowski from BVB, but the Polishman chose Bayern back then. Will Lewandowski leave Bayern and become the next Galactico? Will Real Madrid sign Robert Lewandowski? Can the latest Real Madrid transfer rumours be true? What are your expectations towards the upcoming summer transfer window? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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