Real Madrid vs Bayern München: Can Bayern Eliminate Real?

Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich Odds

Place your bets on the Real Madrid vs Bayern München derby if you’re also excited about the upcoming Champions League eliminatory!

Online betting news in Spain, Germany as well as the entire world, expected to see one of the best matches of the entire season. Mainly because the two best teams in the world were facing each other. Los Blancos grew up to the expectations as they played a perfect game: Bayern hardly had a chance to score, even though they took the lead thanks to a terrific header by Arturo Vidal.

But Zidane’s men did not break down: they went on and on creating more and more occasions. They would have humiliated Bayern Munich if it weren’t were Manuel Neuer and his world class skills. But he is one of the best goalkeepers in the world and so he proved it: Neuer kept Bayern’s chances to qualify alive before the Real Madrid vs Bayern München second leg. The Galacticos only won 1-2 at Allianz Arena but the difference was much bigger than that.

Can Bayern turn it all around?

The odds for Bayern to beat Real Madrid are not very promising for the German side. Online sportsbooks in Spain don’t believe in an outstanding comeback performed by Carlo Ancelotti’s men. Partially because they seemed clueless at home, partially because Real Madrid are frightening at Santiago Bernabéu and partially because the Merengues were just playing way too good on the first leg and it seems unlikely that they would do otherwise at the Real Madrid vs Bayern München match.

The odds for Bayern Munich to win at Estadio Santiago Bernabéu are 2.80 (9/5). However, just a simple victory will not be enough. Bayern needs to score at least twice against Real Madrid and based on the first leg, it’s not likely to happen: Real Madrid perfectly defended against every single Bayern attack. Except for that one corner that took the lead for Bayern.

What are the odds for Real Madrid vs Bayern München?

As mentioned above, Bayern Munich will be underdogs as their odds are 2.80 (9/5) while the odds for Real Madrid to beat Bayern Munich are 2.50 (3/2) at Betfair. The chances of semi-finals qualification are even more obvious when we look at the odds for qualification: NetBet would pay 1.20 81/5) times your stake if Real Madrid qualified for Champions League semi-finals, and they would pay you 4.40 (17/5) times your stake if Bayern Munich qualified.

Will Cristiano score again?

Cristiano Ronalso was not having the best of his seasons so far in the Champions League. However, he completely overturned that at Allianz Arena: he was the hero of the day upon beating Manuel Neuer twice. His performance was obviously seen by online sportsbooks as well, so they wouldn’t be surprised of CR7 scored against Bayern Munich at the Barnabéu stadium as well. The odds for Cristiano Ronaldo to score are 1.85 (17/20) at Betway.

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