Russian Won a Billion Rubles

  • A billion rubles was played in the history of Russia for the first time
  • Russian won a billion rubles since he was the most successful one
Russian won a billion rubles, the New Year lottery, billion rubles winner
Image source: Petar Milošević via Wikimedia Commons

January 1, 2020, the New Year lottery “Russian Lotto” was held. The organizers said that the winner was a participant from Moscow, who won a billion rubles. In fact, the Russian won a billion rubles, which was an absolute record in the history of Russian lotteries. However, more than a week after the draw, the winner did not apply for a win. According to the online lotto news in Russia, Russian people could win such an amount in the lottery for the first time.

However, the organizers emphasized that the rally was live. Moreover, the kegs with numbers pulled out of the bag randomly. The Russian won a billion rubles since he was the most successful one. First and foremost the ticket printing is done at third printing houses. Besides, the protection measures are similar to those used for printing banknotes. Only those tickets participate in the lottery, which are in the database at the time of closing sales. It is not possible to print a ticket for an already drawn edition.

Russian won a billion rubles: only a week later we knew the name of the winner

According to online lotto sites in Russia, only a week later the organizers managed to contact the holder of the winning ticket. It turned out to be a resident of the Moscow region, Nadezhda Bartosh. On January 9, she came to take a win at the lottery center with her husband and daughter. According to Bartosh, her daughter gave her a winning ticket for her birthday. The winner had 10 tickets for the New Year lottery.

Russian won a billion rubles
Lottery Tickets – Image source: Flickr

“When I saw the amount of the winnings, I thought it was a mistake,” said the daughter of the lottery winner, who was the first to know about the winnings.

Nadezhda Bartosh wants to buy a piece of jewelry that will remind her of the fact that Russian won a billion rubles. She also said that it will become a worthy birthday present. 

The winner of the lotto have relations with the owner of the company

Russian won a billion rubles, and it was the first time! It is unbelievable. Of course, the incomprehensible scandal is unavoidable about the New Year’s lottery. The winner who lives in the Moscow region has relations with the owner of the Russian Lottery company. “The winner Nadezhda Bartosh was the owner of the “Tsarskiy Osetr” trading house. As we can read on online gambling sites in Russia, bloggers have already found a connection between her and the owner of “Stoloto”. Moscow lawyer Alexander Sergeev wrote a statement with a request to conduct an audit and institute criminal proceedings.

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