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According to the US sportsbooks, in the United States, each state has the right of regulating gambling within its borders. Likewise, the Empire State is not an exception. Since the states have different histories each have their own sets of laws for the industry. In reality, the history of New York gambling laws are famous for their limitations. However, it slowly started changing.

New York comes in 4th place among the most populated states of the US. It’s the countries’ largest and most influential urban area. Also, the New York gambling laws were one of the strictest in the US. But, at the present time gambling laws are slowly going upwards to a more liberal side. Regulations of the market started more than 100 years ago and are still in an ongoing change.

History of New York gambling laws

The state of New York has a special role in the history of the gambling world. In reality, it is famous for its strict laws on gambling for decades. Significantly, the first ban on gambling was back in 1821. In fact, there was a need for two other bans in the same century in 1864 and 1894 accordingly. Despite this, gambling still took place on a large scale. In this era, the control of gambling was under the hands of the mafia families.

New York State’s very first legal gambling has been the horse racing. Although the wheel was turning slowly, eventually some gambling games became legal. The law made Bingo games legal in 1957. You could play the lottery in 1966 without any trouble. Then, in 1970 charity gaming joined the list. After passing the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act in 1988 the casino-style gambling took its turn. As a result, three Native American tribes opened a few casinos. Here, you can play poker and slot machines legally.

Law Changes over the years

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The year 2013 brought a change in the history of New York gambling laws. Particularly, the citizens voted for the new amendment to New York’s constitution. The amendment proposed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo allows building several Las Vegas-style casinos in the state. The main motivation for the governor and the voters were creating jobs, attracting tourists and keeping the money in the state. The governor believes that almost doubling the number of casinos in the state will be an economic boost for the state. Indeed, the new casinos’ location is in the northern part of the state where the economy is worse.

At this instant, the gambling law of New York does not specifically prohibit online gambling. In reality, it is illegal to operate one of the online gambling sites in the USA in the state of New York. But the law is very strict on organizers of illegal gambling. Because of the size of the market and big casino revenues, N.Y is most likely to legalize online gambling in the coming years. So, in the future Big Apple’s citizens can access online casino sites in the USA without any restrictions.

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