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Gambling in Israel

Gambling in Israel is legal, but it is highly regulated by the government, and not all forms of gambling are available. Standard casino style gambling is not allowed, but casinos do operate on a number of cruise ships in the country's major port cities. A national lottery is in place, and sports betting is also legal – both are actually very popular, and are the primary forms of legal gambling in Israel. The nation's lottery is run by Mifal Hapayis, while the Israeli Commission for Sports Gambling oversees all sports betting – both are governmental agencies. That is the limit of legal gambling in Israel, but underground gambling also exists, and it has been estimated that illegal gambling in Israel is generating more than $3.6 billion every year.

Online Gambling in Israel

Online gambling is banned in Israel. The government does not allow local companies to operate online gambling websites in the country, with the exception of the official lottery and sports betting systems that the government sanctions. The Israeli government has also gone so far as to filter the internet, to prevent local players from accessing foreign online gambling sites. Fortunately, the filters are not very effective, and there are plenty of gambling sites that are not blocked. Because these sites are located in other countries where the Israeli government has no jurisdiction, players can use them freely, without worrying that the government will shut them down. These internet gambling sites provide Israeli players with a full array of gaming opportunities, and give ways to play games that are otherwise not available.