Online Gambling Sites in Israel - March 2024

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Gambling Laws in Israel 

Most forms of gambling in Israel are illegal, under the Israeli Penal Law 5737 from 1977, with the exception of the lotteries and sports betting. And although it is not explicitly prohibited, the interpretation of the Penal Law makes online gambling in Israel also illegal. In fact, until 2005, there were some online gambling sites based in Israel, as it wasn’t clear if they were or not permitted under the law. However, since then that the Attorney General of Israel has opened legal processes towards those platforms. 

Is Online Gambling Legal in Israel?

Partly, as most gambling, including online gambling, is illegal in Israel. The only exceptions are the lottery and sports betting. 

Online Casinos in Israel

As of May 2019, there are no online casino sites in Israel. Online gambling in the country is prohibited under the Israeli Penal Law 5737, so no Israeli online casino licenses are on the offer. Although there is an active blockage on any online gambling content, illegal access to casino sites from Israel is frequently reported by many European online casino providers.

Online Poker in Israel

Online poker sites in Israel are not legal. Although there are no specific Israeli online poker laws, the general prohibition on gambling coming from the application of the Israeli Penal Law 5737 holds for this game too. However, not only is the law expected to change soon, as there are some independent Israeli online poker rooms.

Online Lottery in Israel

The lottery has been present in Israel almost since its foundation. The Israeli lotto laws provide Mifal HaPayis with the monopoly, though as of 2019, there are no online lotto sites. However, players from the country are able to access international websites that offer national games such as Israel Double Lotto or the New Lotto. 

Online Bingo in Israel

As it is the case with the other gambling sites, online bingo sites in Israel are not legal. Although there are no specific Israeli online bingo laws, the general prohibition on online gambling in the country, coming from the Israeli Penal Law 5737, holds for this game too. 

Online Sports betting in Israel

Online sportsbook sites in Israel are legal, though they are under the monopoly of the Israel Sports Betting Board (ISBB). The Law for the Regularization of Sports Betting 5727-1967 provided it with the exclusive rights to organize sports betting in the country and it also has an online platform. However, as the offer is limited, Israeli bettors are still using offshore websites. 

Online DFS in Israel

There are no online DFS sites in Israel. Although the status of Daily Fantasy Sports is a frequent topic of discussion between lawmakers worldwide, it is plausible to suppose that this game, notwithstanding the status, will also fall under the prohibition coming from the Israeli Penal Law 5737.