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Casinos in Israel

There are no brick & mortar casinos in Israel. The government has a strict gambling policy, and has decided that casinos should not be allowed in the nation's cities, though the topic has been a matter of serious debate for more than a decade. Casino cruises, however, are able to get past the laws by venturing out into international waters, and there are about ten cruise vessels with big casinos in them operating out of major Israeli ports. These floating casinos cater mostly to tourists but locals can play at them too. The largest is called Casino Palace, and it sails out of Eilat. It offers over 50 slot machines along with 8 table games, including blackjack and roulette. Most cruise casinos leave nightly and operate for about 4 hours every evening while in open waters.

Online Casinos in Israel

There are no online casinos in Israel. The Israeli government has given out only two licenses for internet gambling – one to the national lottery and one for the state-run sportsbook. Beyond this, no online gambling websites are allowed to operate from within the country. Israel also attempts to prevent its citizens from gambling at foreign online casinos by blocking major websites, but the blocks are not effective, and players find ways to get through, or just sign up at sites that are not blocked. Because these casinos online are out of the Israeli government's jurisdiction, they can not be punished for letting Israelis use them. Foreign internet casinos are the best way for people in Israel to play online casino games.