Daily Fantasy Sports Sites in Israel April 2024

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Online DFS in Israel

There are no specific Israeli DFS laws and the status of the game is a frequent topic of discussion between lawmakers worldwide, including in Israel. Although online DFS sites in Israel are operating in an unregulated market, it is plausible to suppose that Daily Fantasy Sports will, for now, also fall under the prohibition on gambling. 
Is online DFS legal in Israel? No. 
Are DFS sites in Israel trustworthy? Yes.
Can I deposit via PayPal/Neteller/Skrill?  Yes.
Do online DFS sites accept ILS? No.

Online DFS Laws in Israel 

The Israeli Penal Law 5737 from 1977 defines prohibited games as those that have an “outcome depending more on chance than on understanding or ability”. In this way, games that are more dependent on skill would not be included in this definition.  Moreover, in 2011 the District Court of Tel Aviv ruled that if a betting game consists of both skill and chance, the “social interest and utility” of the game should be taken into consideration before defining it as an illegal activity. However, if DFS is seen by Israeli lawmakers as based on the outcome of an external sporting event, it is betting, meaning that it is exclusively reserved to the Israel Sports Betting Board.  But considering the recent developments on poker, it is possible that DFS will one day be considered a game of skill and, therefore, legalized. And the country could become a very important market, as sports are so important. It hosts the 3rd largest sports event in the world, the Maccabiah Games and not only is football widely popular with international leagues being closely followed in the country, as Israel has one of the best teams in the world in basketball. 

Online DFS Payment Methods in Israel 

When playing in online DFS sites, there are many transparent methods available to deposit and withdraw winnings. This way, the credit and debit options offered by VISA and MasterCard are commonly accepted. Alternatively, there are also other ways which are as efficient and safe, such as Skrill, Neteller or PayPal. 

Online DFS Sites Accepting ILS 

Daily Fantasy Sports are only now getting popular across the world, though this expansion is happening mostly in Europe for now. In this way, there are still no DFS sites from Israel. And even though Israelis are able to play in offshore platforms, it is still not possible to play in online DFS sites accepting ILS.