Scorsese Fans’ Favorites in Vegas, Part II.

Casino shooting locations

If you enjoy a bit of Scorsese-type bloody mafia violence now and then and plan on visiting Vegas, take some time to read our list and visit these famous settings where the movie Casino was filmed.

• The actual-fictional home of Ace
• See the interior of Tangiers
• Take a tour around the Mob Museum

Going on with our list, the filming locations become more exciting. I mean, I would absolutely love to visit the fictional house of Sam Rothstein. I guess this is the ultimate trip for somebody, who loves movies, parties and gambling: a tour like this in Las Vegas is really something to look forward to. Watch the movie once, visit the locations, make photos, and watch the movie a second time. The experience will truly be something unique. And don’t forget to take pictures! Maybe one day you’ll run into one of the stars of the film and ask for an autograph.

The home of “Ace”

Ace Rothstein's House

It looks exactly like one would imagine it, actually. With hedges and a fountain, this Mediterranean style house is just what Sam “Ace” Rothstein would have loved to live in. Maybe if Ace stayed at home gambling on English poker sites or online sportsbooks in the US, he wouldn’t have gotten into this much trouble. There are still tours that take you there, so be sure to check it out. Plus, the person who lives there, often comes outside and talks about stuff relating to the movie, a feature that should definitely be called a bonus feature.

Tower of Jewels

Tower of Jewels

We know that Nicholas Santoro aka. “Nicky’s” character is based on Tony Spilotro aka. “The Ant.” Once, he and his gang attempted to rob a jewelry store called Bertha’s, and got in through the roof. The FBI knew what was happening and was counting on capturing them mid-act, but were forced to wait; the gang members missed the location of the safe. Did they plan this at all? I would have thought that if somebody was smart enough to plan a break-in through the roof, they would’ve also known where the safe was? So, the FBI sat there and waited till something was actually taken. Eventually, the merry band of mobsters were caught and charged. Bertha’s Jewelry Shop currently goes under the name Tower of Jewels.


Riviera Las Vegas

Home of some great US poker rooms, the casino Riviera served as the Tangiers Casino’s double for interior design. Unfortunately, the Landmark Hotel (which was filmed for its exterior elements posing as the famous casino in the movie) was demolished years ago. The Riviera operated from 1955 till present days, and will soon be demolished to provide space for the expansion of the Las Vegas Convention Center. It is located on Las Vegas Boulevard. So, if you hurry up, you can still catch a glimpse of it, because it won’t be destroyed for a couple of months. I just really wish that I could have visited the Landmark Hotel. Now that would have been an amazing experience.

Mob Museum

Mob Museum Las Vegas

In the movie, the monumental building was filmed as the federal courthouse. In real life, it used to be a federal courthouse, but they turned it into a museum depicting lives of famous gangsters. The Mob Museum provides precious information on the whys and hows of gangstership, and there is one exhibit that summarizes and explains the skimming scandals perfectly. If you want to truly understand the doings of these men and what happened in the movie, the museum will give you insight on how things went down. It also won’t hurt to see the actual faces of those who Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci depicted.

Las Vegas Country Club

Filmed in all of its greatness, or greenness, this is the scene where the FBI land a small surveillance airplane on the Country Club’s golf course. In the movie, they ran out of fuel during their secret surveillance session, and were forced to land. In real life, however, the agents managed to put the plane down in a less-than perfect blot of area: they landed in a pond. They immediately started panicking because they thought they would sink. Turns out, the pond wasn’t deep. At all. Maybe they should’ve stayed at home reading online gambling news in the US.

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