Scotland Parliamentary Election Odds

  • Most people support the SNP
  • Conservatives are getting more popular
Scotland Parliamentary Election Odds
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The Scottish parliament is democratically elected. There is a total of 129 seats in the parliament, and its members are elected for four years. As the country is preparing for the next elections, several parties are competing to win the most seats. Those parties include the SNP, the conservatives, the Labour party, and a few more. You can bet on the party that you think will win most seats as Scotland parliamentary election odds are available online.

Scottish National Party – The Majority Support Their Ideology

The Scottish National Party (SNP) is a social-democratic and nationalist political party that seeks the independence of Scotland. Although the SNP is not the largest party in the United Kingdom, it is certainly the most supported party in Scotland. As of today, under its leader Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP consists of approximately 125,000 members which makes it the biggest party in Scotland. In the last Scotland Parliamentary election, the SNP won 63 out of 129 seats in the parliament. This is the result of the recent public support for the independence of Scotland. Over the past fifteen years, the SNP has been getting more support since they won their first parliamentary elections in 2011. In the following elections, the party has won almost 50% of the total seats in the parliament which shows just how big the gap of support between the SNP and all other parties.

The next elections will happen on May 2021, and the Scotland parliamentary election odds favor the SNP to win most seats again. Online sportsbook sites in the US, such as 1xBet, have the SNP’s winning odds equal to 1.1. Therefore, they are the safest option to bet on!

The Conservative Party

Being the second-largest party in Scotland, the conservatives have a good chance of winning most seats in the next election. Standing against the ideologies held by the SNP, the conservatives advocate for Scotland to remain part of the United Kingdom. Although many people support the SNP and the independence of Scotland, a significant portion of the public opinion is against such viewpoints. This evident by the increase in support over the past few years for the conservatives in Scotland. For instance, back in 2011, the conservatives have won fifteen seats only in the parliamentary election. However, in 2016, the conservatives won 31 seats, which means that the number of their seats doubled over five years.

Scotland Parliamentary Election Odds
Scottish parliament

The conservatives are currently the largest opposition party in Scotland. The party is gaining more and more support from the public. As a result, their parliamentary election odds also reveal that they have a good chance of beating the SNP. The party has betting odds equal to 11 on 1xBet. Although there is a gap in the betting odds between the SNP and the conservatives, their growing support gives them a good chance to win most seats in the next election.

Other Parties in the Race – Scotland Parliamentary Election Odds

The Scottish Labour party is the third most popular party in Scotland. However, they have been declining in popularity and support in the recent past. For instance, in 2007, the party was the biggest in the Scottish parliament with fifty seats. However, with the decline in support, the party managed to win just 24 seats in the last elections. In the upcoming Scotland parliamentary election odds, the Labors have betting odds equal to 13 to win most seats on 1xBet.

Another party that is in the race to win most seats in the next Scotland parliamentary election is the Liberal Democrats. This party is relatively small with just 4,000 members. Furthermore, the Liberal Democrats won just 5 seats in the last parliamentary elections. Their betting odds are 41 which means it is unlikely they will most seats under normal conditions unless something extraordinary happens.

You can discover more about these odds here at 1xBet Sportsbook.

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