Lucky Flowers & Lucky Plants

Do you believe in lucky flowers and lucky plants? When it comes to games of chance, then everyone is looking for that special something that'll help them win. You might be surprised as to how many gamblers are superstitious. Many will carry a small token or item that they believe will turn luck in their favor. In the casino, you'll notice all sorts of quiet and yet hopeful ritual being performed. These can include kissing a cross, walking a certain direction around the gaming floor and only choosing one color to play with.

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Introduction: Lucky Flowers & Lucky Plants

Now if you’re sat at home and about to have a flutter via one of the online casinos in the UK, did you know that there are certain plants and flowers which are considered lucky? The ancient Chinese means of dividing a home into different parts, each with specific energy is called Feng Shui. Today, many modern architects incorporate these notions into their designs. So maybe there’s more to it than first meets the eye. The Chinese also believe, in accordance with the rules of Feng Shui, that there are particular plants and flowers that will bring luck to those nearby.

Lucky Bamboo (Draceana sanderiana)

The Bamboo has been associated with good health, good luck, and a bringer of love and wealth for centuries. It only needs water in order to grow. Provided that you keep it away from direct sunlight it will grow unconditionally. With all it’s lucky attractions, along with very low maintenance, you should definitely consider having this growing at home.

Lucky Flowers: Orchid (Orchidaceae)

Like the Bamboo, the orchid is well known as bringing good luck flowers. There are over 25,000 Species of Orchids and you can find them on every continent. You will need some skills in order to grow them. But you should make a point of having two of them, one for the home and the other for the workplace. Not only will they bring good fortune, but they look absolutely beautiful in the process.

Money Plant (Crassula ovata)

The Money Plant is probably better known in the Western hemisphere as the “Jade Plant” or the “Lucky Plant”. The plant is a favorite of those who practice Feng Shui. The plant represents an ideal form of harmony and balance. As an indoor plant, it has many positive qualities including, purifying the air, absorbing harmful radiation and it’s even said to reduce stress. You can put one anywhere in the house and it’ll surely help you win some good luck.

Four Leaf Clover (Trifolium repens)

The previous plants are all on the larger side, so you can’t take them into the casino. But the four-leaved clover is a perfect fit and you can take it anywhere completely unnoticed. Everyone knows that this plant will bring good fortune….but only to its finder. So get out into the garden and have a good look. It’ll only take around 10 minutes as though we like to say that they are rare, truth is they are pretty common. Once found, put it between two pieces of paper and then close up in a book. Leave it for a week and then you’ll have a nice little token of good fortune that you can bring anywhere.

File:4-leaf clover.JPG - Wikimedia Commons
A four-leaf clover – Image source: Joe Papp / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

Lucky Flowers: Peony (Paeonia suffruticosa)

This lovely plant is renowned as having lucky flowers with a gorgeous scent. They come in a large range of colors like reds, pinks, and purples, and they have a kind of “fluffiness” to them, which makes them a perfect match for romance and love. in many cultures they are believed to be harbingers of good luck…provided that you don’t have them in odds numbers. One place that the practitioners of Feng Shui don’t recommend putting them, and that’s in the bedroom. They say that the flowers with encouraging affairs!

Chrysanthemum (Dendranthema grandiflora)

This plant is a little too big for your pocket. Though you could probably wear it in your jacket buttonhole on your lapel. Though to be practical, it really belongs to your desktop or laptop. As you play at an online casino using any of these devices, the lucky flowers will be working their magic. In ancient China, the Chrysanthemum was used in the production of Chinese herbal medicine. Aside from this medical aspect, the lucky flowers also symbolize laughter, long life, and good luck in the home for the person who owns it.

Money Tree (Pachira aquatica)

The Money Tree is also known as the “Pakhira Tree” and “Pachira Aquatica”. If you have one and take good care of t, then you’ll have plenty of good fortune in life. It is said to bring both happiness and wealth in the home. The Money Tree symbolizes all the main elements of Feng Shui, namely wood, water, metal, and earth. One thing to keep in mind is that, though it possessors a rather strange looking bark and lovely dark green leaves, it does grow to over two meters tall…and that’s from a pot. So keep that in mind if you’re thinking of getting one.

Make the Most of Your Lucky Flowers

Many different cultures have beliefs about different lucky flowers and plants being the bringers of good fortune. One thing is certain though, and that is by having any of these flowers in our home, they will certainly brighten your day. And maybe it’s that positive frame of mind that comes from viewing something of beauty that’ll give you confidence for the rest of the day. If they happen to bring you good luck, then that’s really just a bonus.

Lucky Flowers At Home

But if you feel that in order to play well, you need to be in contact with a lucky charm or token, then why not take a flower from one of these plants and bring it with you to the casino. Just having it in your pocket and being able to touch it once in a while should do the trick. On the home front, make sure that your lucky plants are in the same room as your computer. It’s important that it’s in your line of sight to succeed at the online gambling sites in the UK.

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