Seattle Seahawks Win the Super Bowl XLVIII Despite Underdog Odds

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Read the recap of Sunday’s sports betting events on the Super Bowl XLVIII between Broncos and Seahawks.

Well, the Super Bowl XLVIII is over, contrary to the popular opinion and favoritism from the bookies, Seattle Seahawks have beaten Denver Broncos to take the honors. Following weeks of speculations, rumors, adverts obsession and millions of dollars bet in full compliance with American gambling laws, we have a recap on betting during the Super Sunday.

Pre-game betting

The betting line on Denver Broncos stayed the same for several days prior to the game. It was Denver -2 with a total of 47.

1st Quarter

First play was a disaster for the Broncos, when the snap went way over Peyton Manning’s head into the end zone. Denver recovered, but Seahawks went up 2-0. Online sportsbooks in the USA had whopping 40/1 odds for Seattle to reach the first score with a safety. But who would’ve known? The play ends with a field goal from free kick and it’s 5-0 already.

Seahawks go on to make it three out of four first downs, their lead goes to up to 8-0, but there’s still no touchdown. However, there’s nothing coming from Broncos, and Manning gets intercepted with only a minute to go in the quarter.

2nd Quarter

Super Bowl XLVIII betting recap

• The favorites at online sportsbooks in the USA crash out to the underdogs
• Broncos lose despite having the best offense and the MVP
• Seahawks’ best defense of the league, proves to be the winning combination

The interception from the 1st Quarter is turned into a touchdown for Seahawks, and now all who favored Broncos through land-based and internet betting in the USA are starting to get worried. By this time the live betting odds for Broncos to win the game are +10½, pretty good line should Denver come back from this.

The do offer some hope moving into Seattle territory, but Manning is brought down on the third attempt, resulting in a pick-six, giving 22-0 to Broncos. This is how easily Seattle have turned Broncos from the favorites into the underdogs.


By this point the second half odds have Denver at -6 bringing the total to 23½. And punters seem to react quickly, believing Broncos can still come back. The line swiftly becomes – 6½.

3rd Quarter

Seattle grab the ball, Matt Prater kicks off, and there goes Percy Harvin grabbing the ball from an awesome bounce, returning it from 87 yards scoring a touchdown. Now, to all those “experts” who bet on sports in the USA saying it will be a “close game”: is it really? Punters favoring Seattle, browse online for what to buys with their winnings, while Broncos backers are crying, some silently some violently.

35 minutes of the game have gone, Marshwn Lynch has 11 carries for 17 yeards, and Russell Wilson’s odds for 94 yards run are 9/14, who could’ve expected that? By this time, Seahawks are eating the time up, allowing Broncos to head down to their turf again. But wait, there’s another steal and Seattle travel 73 yards to score another touchdown, 36-0. Broncos finally get a line to score a touchdown pass to end the quarter. It ends 36-8, before we head for the final 15 minutes of Denver pain.

4th Quarter

Those who bet on “over” under American gambling laws are feeling happy, when Seahawks get another touchdown moving the score to 43-8. There’s still 12 minutes to go, when “over” is achieved and by now the only hope for Denver is an earthquake or at least a massive blackout.

Well, the Super Bowl XLVIII has once again shown punters going with the popular opinion that not all is gold that shines. It’s time to go back a couple of weeks when the books for the game were initially opened, and Seattle were the favorites. Regrets, anyone?

We can only congratulate the smart bettors, backing the team with the best defense in the league, and not falling for the “they have the MVP” trap. Kudos to Broncos for being the driving force behind the ticket sales, but the best offense of the league, didn’t work on Sunday.

There’s seven months to go until the 2014 NFL season kicks off, it’s rumored to start on September 4th. Let’s hope today’s losers will get even and provide us with high-quality entertainment and hot odds throughout the season.

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