Seven Reasons You Should Bet Against Brexit This Summer


UK EU Referendum Odds

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  • Vote Leave 4/1
  • Vote Remain 1/7

The upcoming EU Referendum in the UK is ripping the Conservative Party apart as it’s traditionally quite eurosceptic backbenchers are led by some vocal grandees against the leadership’s wish to remain within the political and trading partnership that is the European Union. Fortunately for Prime Minister David Cameron, the British population is more than likely to vote to remain than Brexit, Befair currently giving them favorable odds of 1/7 with the Vote Leave only getting 4/1 but why should you bet against Brexit? Here’s seven reasons.

Seven Reasons To Bet Against Brexit

1. Trade

The manifestly obvious benefits to local economies of remaining within a large trading union in a modern globalized remain so evident that all the horror stories and alarmist fear mongering by the Vote Leave Campaign have backfired with many of their misleading statistics publicly debunked and only drawing more attention to their rather dubious claims that to leave the EU would be of benefit to the overall state of the UK economy. Their halve truths have done the Brexiteers no good at all, and mean a bet against Brexit is a very safe bet indeed.

2. Travel

I’m gambling news that people in the UK are unlikely to vote to complicate their travel plans will not surprise anyone, and with so many now owning second homes on the continent the inclination to ignore geography and leave the EU is less than attractive. Add to this that 21.5 million visitors from Europe bolster the coffers of the tourism industry each year and the division away from the European Union looks wholly unappetizing as there are large swathes of the UK that require this income and would all vote to remain.

Costa Del Sol Little Britain

What would British pensioners do without Spain? (Photo: Telegraph)

3. Defense

One of the most salient reasons to bet against Brexit is the fact that the EU has been a massively stabilizing force in Europe has not gone unnoticed by the British, the lack of a major conflict in Europe like World War One and Two for over half a century being more than enough reason for some to remain part of the EU. Couple this with the nature of warfare itself changing in this new century and closer integration and cooperation is required, not distance and isolation. Combating modern threats requires as much coordination as possible and the voters know this.

4. Immigration

Whilst the Vote Leave campaign have made much of the net immigration figures they have failed to appreciate that in whatever numbers it is, by and large, not migrants from the EU with which the British have a problem. Half of immigrants come from non-EU countries and were there a choice it would be that half the British would vote to stop, and if you’re in the UK gambling laws of averages means that vote will roll round one day, think again. Migration has always assisted not harmed the UK and so a bet against Brexit is almost a no-brainer.

5. The Status Quo

The British are not awfully fond of change, and leaving the EU sounds a little too much like coming out of the closet for many of the likely EU referendum voters, so the Vote Leave campaign have had an uphill struggle to convince people that upheaval of this sort is a good idea. Has always been part of Europe and the Referendum of the 70s merely rubber-stamped that obvious fact. The vote to remain part of the EU is likely to be another exercise in agreement with the obvious so a bet against Brexit is just acceptance of the British love of the Status Quo.

6. The Lunatic Right

Michael Gove

Michael Gove, a “hideously patronizing twerp”   (Photo: Huff Post)

The Vote Leave campaign has some notable big names on its side, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, being the largest, but the reason many have placed a bet against Brexit is that neither of them is particularly popular. Boris might have been adored for his TV appearances and gaff-happy manner, but his tenure as Mayor of London took some of the sheen away and Michael Gove is a hideously patronizing twerp who still thinks it’s the 1950s had to be removed from the Education Ministry because parents, teachers and children all hated him equally.

7. Keep Your Friends Close……

If you like to bet on sports in the UK the chances are you’ll understand that it is better to participate than not, especially if you want to ruin things for everyone else. You can bet on Brexit because remaining within the EU and keeping the Germans and French on each others nerves, setting the Italians against the Spanish and blaming the Balkans for everything is just the British way of ensuring that no one nation rises to a position of preeminence within the EU and thus guaranteeing that we avoid all that nonsense that made such a mess of the 1940s. The UK is definitely inside the tent, but it isn’t too worried about finding an aperture when in need of relief and the voters like that.

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