Sexism In Academy Award Betting Odds at Bwin Sports?

Sexist Odds Bwin Sports

Academy Award betting odds can often be controversial, but what you can find at Bwin Sports seems a bit outrageous…

Online sportsbook news sites in the US are already offering Academy Award betting odds for the gala in January, 2018. However, some of these odds can be pretty controversial. But that’s not because of the poor quality of the competing movies – in fact, such insults would probably be laughed at.

However, there are some special Oscar betting odds that you can find at Bwin Sports, which devoted feminist souls might not want to see. That is because you can bet on the Best Actors as well as the Best Actresses to drop the Oscar statue on stage. There wouldn’t be any problem with it until you took a look at the odds…

Sexist joke or an honest mistake?

Okay so let’s see what Bwin Sports did. You can bet on the Best Actors or Best Actress to drop the Oscar on stage. And at one of the markets, the question says: “Will the winner of Best Actor drop the Oscar on stage?” and the betting options are the following: “Best Actor – Winner” (to drop the Oscar) for 9.00 and “Best Actress – Winner” (to drop the Oscar) for 1.03.

Is she so much more likely to drop it just because she’s a woman? Or is it an honest mistake from Bwin’s part? Probably the latter one since you can find various betting markets where the Best Actress has the same odds as the Best Actor. Whatever the case, you can always check out the best Academy Award betting odds at online sportsbook sites in the US and place your bets as soon as possible!

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