Should you bet on Mourinho to be the next Man United manager?

Jose Mourinho during a football match

If you bet on sport in the UK, and your bored of normal match betting, here’s a teaser: Should to bet on Mourinho to be the next Man United manager? We consider his chances, and that of his biggest rivals.

Who knows how much longer Wenger will stay in charge of Arsenal, but right now there can’t be too many seasons remaining of the greatest managerial rival in recent Premier League history: Wenger vs Mourinho. Maybe it’ll never happen again, if Jose doesn’t return to the Premier League. Should you bet on Mourinho to be the next Man United manager? We consider him, and the other top contenders.

Remember, “next mananger” bets apply if even if Van Gaal somehow stays in the job for another year or more!

Should you bet on Mourinho to be the next Man United manager?

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No, because his odds at online sportsbooks in the UK are so low. He may well be the favourite, but it’s not certain yet. There are rumours that much of the traditional hierarchy of Man United, the likes of Ferguson and Bobby Charlton, are opposed to the move. However, they recommend David Moyes, so perhaps their sway will be less than it used to be!

It would mean another season of Wenger vs Mourinho at least, but do Man United really want to be getting caught up in Jose’s world of mind games and intrigue? He’d also bring the baggage of his favourite agents, who would no doubt be desperate to get a cut of United’s vast financial power. He’d be controversial, but he’s certainly the favourite for the position.

Could it be Laurent Blanc?

Former United player Laurent Blanc managed a team in the Champions League quarter-finals, whilst winning the league with ease. That sounds convincing, but with the financial advantages that PSG have, did he have that much to do? Online sportsbooks in France won’t be taking too many bets on any team other than PSG winning the French League in the near future, but that’s due to their superlative players.

All that is not to say that Man United wouldn’t hire him, and his mixture of continental reputation, winning record, and actually being an ex-player, could make his a good bet.

Could they steal Spurs manager Pochettino?

Pochettino is a man on the rise, and he’ll wonder if Spurs are big enough for his ambitions. He left Southampton pretty sharpish when a bigger team came calling, and he’d certainly have a bigger salary and transfer budget at Old Trafford. However, he’s recently signed a long-term deal with Spurs, who are currently a far better side than Manchester United. Don’t bet on him taking the step down.

Mauricio Pochettino

Would Pochettino leave Spurs? (Photo: Sky Sports)

Will Ryan Giggs finally get a chance?

The Welshman has been patiently learning the trade as assistant manager for several years now, and if he doesn’t get appointed soon the chances are that’ll be have to make his break into management elsewhere. With the club’s finances predicated upon marketing tradition, do they want to lose one of their greats?

Obviously, this overlooks the fact that he has no experience in actual management. He could be another Pep, but even Guardiola bided his time managing the B-team. The chances are that he’d be a colossal failure, and but based on the Man United leadership’s recent decision making, don’t let that stop you heading to an online sportsbook to bet on Giggs to be next manager.

The dream candidate: Diego Simeone

He doesn’t look likely to leave Atletico Madrid any time soon, but who knows… money talks. His teams might not always be the prettiest, but they are underrated as an attacking force. That’s in addition to being the best defensive side in the world, and having an important knack for winning. Simone would bring passion and excitement back to Old Trafford, and would be just the man to completely transform the club.

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