New rules to prevent gambling crimes


Crimes connected with gambling will be targeted by new rules announced by the UK Gambling Commission. The rules to prevent gambling crimes are the result of a consultation last year.

The new rules to prevent gambling crimes include a variety of measures. All online gambling sites in the UK, and those not online, will have to comply with a series of regulations. Firstly, all UK gambling operators will have to thoroughly review any ways in which they could be allowing money laundering. They will be required to have a forceful plan to avoid money laundering.

In addition to this, gambling operators licensed in the UK will have to notify the UKGC about all criminal investigations that are connected to them or locations connected to them. Furthermore, all staff must be subject to contracts which do not permit them to abuse knowledge of non-standard betting patterns.

Rules to prevent gambling crimes are essential to gambling industry, say UKGC

There may be a further requirement such that the UKGC must be informed even crimes not explicitly connected to the regulations. The UKGC will hope that in future Uk gambling enterprises will stay out of gambling news when it comes to criminal activities.

The UKGC’s regulation director, Nick Tofiluk, suggested that “Britain’s gambling industry needs to focus on keeping crime out of gambling and these new requirements will help them do just that.” He continued, “ “We are urging all operators who supply products to consumers in Britain to read our document on the changes thoroughly and ensure their businesses are ready for when they come into force in the autumn.”

He emphasised the protection of the vulnerable in society: Along with ensuring their products are fair and open and children and vulnerable people are protected, preventing crime associated with gambling should be extremely high on every operator’s agenda. These new requirements encourage licensees to take a proactive and tailored approach to meeting their obligations to achieve meaningful results rather than focusing on processes alone.”

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