Singapore Loosens Up Through Gambling

Singapore is traditionally strict in all sectors of life, and this is what has largely led to its success as a leader

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Singapore is traditionally strict in all sectors of life, and this is what has largely led to its success as a leader of Southeast Asia. The country is known for intense rules and severe punishments. Two well-known examples of such are having to go to a pharmacy to buy bubble-gum and the punishment for defacing public property (vandalizing)…a half dozen swift strokes of the cane.

Singapore has begun to relax and has been promoting many new forms of entertainment recently, for example, shutting down sections of the city for Formula One races and having the Black Eyed Peas play in a downtown park. The country has now set its sights on gambling and the revenue that it would bring in. Up until this point gambling laws had prevented such activities in Singapore.

Casinos will soon be opening in Singapore, and the government will be watching them and regulating them closely, true to form. In order to keep local gamblers in check, Singaporeans will have to pay $72 for a day pass or $1,442 for an annual pass to get into casinos. Foreigners will be permitted to enter for free, of course, as this will increase tourism. Families will be able to keep family members with gambling problems away from casinos by sending their names into a blacklist.

The casinos that will be opening their doors in Singapore may be some of the first in the world that will be charging admission for entry. Regardless, estimates show that the casinos will be very successful and will build up huge revenues. The entry fee will not hinder business because the amount asked for upon entrance is miniscule compared to that which the average bettor will put on the table in a single sitting.

Gambling analyst, Aaron Fischer, estimates that Singapore’s casinos will earn about $3.2 billion in their first year, and that 40% of that profit will be from local Singaporeans. Online casinos may also be launched in junction with those that are land based to maximize profits. Visit Gaming Zion for more information on other Asia Pacific countries gambling laws and practices.

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