Singapore Prospering Thanks to Casinos and New Outlook on Gambling

Five years ago a complete revision of Singaporean gambling laws and despite strong anti-casino opposition...

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Five years ag,o a complete revision of Singaporean gambling laws took place despite strong anti-casino opposition. Today that brilliant move has creating a bottomless source of revenue for the city-state without eroding its values.

According to
online gambling news in Singapore, the global financial crisis of the past few years has left many countries on the brink of ruin, Singapore weathered the storm without a scratch.

Being an extremely conservative city-state, with no natural resources and little land, the government has begun to rethink their views on gambling back in 2006.

Singapore, where chewing gum or even breaking wind in a restaurant can result in a fine, is the definition of ‘parent state’ which views its inhabitants as a natural resource which must be taken care of for their own good.

With the country’s leaders guided by such a firm moral compass and strong adherence to traditions, the change in the Singaporean gambling laws was an uphill battle.

Yet today, Singapore proudly offers its visitors two casino resorts – the Marina Bay Sands and the Resorts World Sentosa singlehandedly revitalized Singapore’s struggling tourism industry.

The solution for Singapore was not to transform the city into a gambling mecca the likes of Monte Carlo, Las Vegas or Macau, but to use the casino resorts to complement its lifeblood – high finance.

Even though
online casinos in Singapore are currently illegal, analysts predict that within a short time frame Singapore will be offering online gambling options to foreign players and to limited domestic players under the same strict set of rules which govern its two casino-resorts.

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