South Florida Could be Transformed by Gambling Resorts

Legislature Backed Report States that Gambling Resorts Could Transform South Florida into a Major Player in Casino Gambling

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A Spectrum Gaming Group report has stated that South Florida could be transformed, and join the “major leagues of casino gambling” should the state allow full scale casino resorts to be built. The study was based upon the opening of two major resorts in Broward and Miami-Dade, resorts that could bring in $1 billion in taxable income, as well as creating 7,618 full-time jobs.

Despite the fact the first online casinos in the US will be opening before the year is out, land based casino operators are still confident that they can turn a large profit, and are determined to push ahead with the plans. The report states that Florida could combine its existing attractions with the casino resorts to create a major international destination.

Changes in American gambling laws have paved the way for online and mobile casinos to open throughout the country, although only 3 states have legalized them so far: Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware. These casinos will also be limited to players living within the state lines, unless agreements could be met – as there may be plans to do between Nevada and Texas.

As such, any mobile casinos would likely have a limited affect on the aspirations of South Florida, although the impact on the state as a whole would likely be minimal. International gambling company, Genting, have already bought up property in Miami in order to build a resort casino there, but the plans are not unopposed.

Indeed, they face pretty stern opponents in the shape of the Florida Chamber of Commerce and Disney – who’s Disney World Resort in Orlando could come under threat. There are also already 8 tribal casinos in Florida, 7 of which are run by the Seminole Tribe, who also oppose the motion, as the big companies such as Genting, Wynn, and MGM would be stepping on their toes with any new casinos.

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