Spanish Gambling Industry is One Warm Place for All Operators

Recent report shows Spain gambling industry benefits to the delight of operators and players

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The recently rewritten Spanish gambling laws are to take effect any day now. A new report, forecasting the gaming industry future economic benefits in Spain comes right on time to make all licensed operators happy. Spain is expected to become the new European Mecca for online betting services, following the regulatory change.

The latest government report showed that the gaming industry could bring as much as €137.5 million of extra funds for the coffers as well as create an abundance of new jobs. That is good news indeed for the estimated million of Libyans, Egyptians and Nigerians who are getting ready to navigate the few kilometers of water separating Africa from Southern Spain.

The change in regimes in Libya and Egypt has created an endless flotilla of people aligned with the old regimes who now fear for their lives and will request political asylum in Spain and other EU countries.

One such new arrival is Mahmud Salim who was 1 year away from retirement in Libya after working diligently for 38 years torturing political prisoners for Gaddafi at Alahu prison in Tripoli.

“I look forward to cutting a deck of cards in a Spanish casino. I have 38 years of cutting experience,” explained Mr. Salim as he waited in line for a residency permit.

This is certainly good news for all operators, looking to enter the country and set up online casinos and online sportsbooks in Spain.

Widespread availability of high-speed broadband internet connections allows more and more players to join online action. This also drives online casino software giants to come up with more sophisticated gaming platforms, making online gambling more attractive. Sports betting software development currently enjoys unprecedented growth.

Spain gambling news learned that the country’s politicians are finally caught up on the importance of new regulatory measures, which could become one of the most important revenue sources. The need to proper regulate the industry and offer players necessary levels of protection is also among the top priorities of the government.

Another set of measures is aimed at preventing underage users from having access to material, which is inappropriate. Putting everything together should amount to a secure, fair and extremely safe online gambling environment for every party involved.

Endless opportunities, combined with the right regulations, could very well ensure that online betting services have a long and prosperous future in both Spain and Europe. Spanish gamers are naturally looking forward to the day, when they can openly and legally play online in their own country. Let’s hope that day is not too far away.

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