Intralot Moves Ahead with Plans for Online Gaming in Washington D.C.

Intralot isn’t giving up on Washington D.C. to allow online gambling in the state and is continuing as planned

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Greek gaming giant is still pushing ahead with its plans, concerning online gaming in Washington D.C., despite the program being put on hold for now. Intralot is hoping for a positive change in American gambling laws following the latest political mood.

Online gambling news in United States learned that the Greek company is searching for employees to cover their future online operations in United States in D.C. and three other unidentified states. A joint venture between Intralot and a local company named DC09 are looking for personnel to fill “Table Games Operator” and another ten online gaming positions.

D.C. strives to become the first American state to introduced legal and regulated online gaming including online casinos in United States. However the plans suffered a setback and are now awaiting the outcome of community consultations. All interested parties hope that after public debate is over the state can move forward with online gaming introduction.

Intralot’s Vice President, Bryan Boothe, commented: “Intralot recognizes that the D.C. program, known as I-Gaming, still needs community input and key approvals. Irrespective of that, the company is moving ahead with an I-Gaming strategy to have personnel who they can train and place in the appropriate locations, which may or may not start with the District.”

There are reports that council member and Democrat, Tommy Wells, is opposing the online gaming introduction. Other lawmakers and council members have apparently voiced their support for a total re-evaluation of the online gaming program.

Intralot’s desire to offer online gaming in D.C. is understandable as the company isn’t enjoying the best of times back in their home country of Greece.

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