52 Gamblers Die in Mexican Casino Torched By Zetas Drug Cartel


Posted: September 2, 2011

Updated: October 4, 2017

A casino in Mexico was torched by the powerful Zetas drug cartel as 52 slots, bingo and Mexican blackjack players die in the fire

According to online gambling news in Mexico, the unhappy city of Monterrey, Mexico which just two years ago was named the safest city in Latin America, just became even less safe.

The Casino Royale, a casino licensed under Mexican gambling laws, was allegedly torched by the powerful and much feared Zetas drug cartel for reasons yet unknown. The city prosecutors who decided to quit their jobs in mass, along with most of the city’s police force, rather than look for the perpetrators.

“They play bowling with human heads at night and empty tequila bottles for money. I won’t risk my head,” said a man who would only identify himself as Pedro and was a former prosecutor in Monterrey.

The Casino Royale had been targeted by armed gangs of gunmen only twice this year, and was briefly shut down by police in May over being late with bribe payments, the local press has reported, making it one of the safest businesses in town.

Nothing is known about the operators and owners of the casino who are allegedly in the United States awaiting US President Barak Hussein Obama’s amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Nothing is known about the fire either, except that 52 people lost their lives including a pregnant woman. Monterrey city mayor is blaming the fire on the Nuevo Leon state government which in turn is blaming Mexican President Felipe Calderon. President Calderon is blaming the United States.

After the funerals were over a large demonstration to stop the violence in the city took place which immediately broke out into violence as rival gang leaders made speeches about which gang was the most peaceful.

Mr. Paco Gomez, a lawyer for the casino’s owners, defended the establishment, saying the casino operated lawfully under municipal, state, and federal regulations. Yet questions were raised about blocked emergency exits, which were reported by the chief of civil protection in Monterrey when firefighters put out the fire.

“It is pure nonsense. There could not have been any blocked emergency exits in the casino because there were no emergency exits constructed. How can an exit be blocked when it does not exist?,” countered Mr. Gomez, who in fact produced a letter from the Mexican national fire department stating that there are no laws requiring any business to have an emergency exit.

Most gamblers now prefer to play online bingo games in Mexico at foreign based online bingo websites rather than risk being tortured, murdered, decapitated, and then having their head used during bowling games.

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