Speedway World Championship 2023 Odds And Tips


Posted: January 5, 2023

Updated: January 5, 2023

  • Underdogs have a chance to win at the FIM Worlds
  • FIM World Championship in 2023
  • Speedway World Championship 2023 odds

In this article, we are going to talk about the Speedway World Championship 2023 odds. Therefore, we are going to discuss the event for those who are new. Furthermore, we are also going to introduce you to one of the best online sportsbook sites in the UK. However, keep in mind that we are also going to talk about the world championshié. Therefore, we are going to include the usual introduction to the odds and the underdogs.

Furthermore, we are going to give you a summary of the most relevant information to help your betting pick. While we can not guarantee that our predictions are going to top the betting game. We certainly see the way the FIM World Championship worlds. Firstly, we have to keep in mind that this is not car-based motor racing. Secondly, we have to understand that only the most relevant information matters.

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About Speedway And The FIM

Let’s start by introducing you to the FIM Speedway World Championship 2023 odds. However, before we do that we should tell everyone what FIM means. Without over-explaining, FIM means Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme. Therefore, it means International Motorcycle Federation.

They are in charge of hosting the official high-end professional derbies and the World Championship. If you already understand the concept of motorcycles, then check out our Speedway betting strategies. According to FIM Moto, there are three main events announced for 2023. And the Speedway World Championship will host 30 full-time riders. Therefore, these professional motorcycle riders will all gather to compete for first place. Because in this sport the placements are extremely volatile. Therefore, this sport requires skill and experience. But once you have it, it is always a new race. Similar to how League of Legends works in eSports.

Speedway World Championship 2023 Odds

Let’s review what everyone has been waiting for. Because the Speedway World Championship 2023 odds are already available. All you have to do is to register at VAVE Sportsbook to be able to wager.

Keep in mind that this is an extremely hard decision. Because we shouldn’t bury racers such as Mikkel Michelsen or Fredrik Lindgren. However, we also shouldn’t ignore Bartosz Zmarlik’s excellent performance. However, Leon Madsen is also coming to attempt first place, with only x7.15 odds on his name.

  • Zmarzlik, Bartosz – 1.88
  • Madsen, Leon – 7.15
  • Bewley, Daniel – 8.62
  • Lambert, Robert – 9.91
  • Janowski, Maciej – 12.68
  • Woffinden, Tai – 15.17
  • Michelsen, Mikkel – 21.5
  • Dudek, Patryk – 24.76
  • Lindgren, Fredrik – 26.98
  • Vaculik, Martin – 27.16

Who Can Win The Worlds?

As we mentioned before, the Speedway World Championship 2023 odds are chaotic. Because winning this event is not that impossible. After all, every single racer is a full-time motorcycle driver. And this World Championship has the greatest underdog stories of all time. There are more odds available, but we only recommend these for experienced sportsbook bettors. Because even Kim Nilsson’s 501 odds look charming.

We might not want to risk our cash betting on him as a beginner. But if you feel like he is going to outperform everyone this year? Then follow your intuition and bet on him. Because it wouldn’t be the craziest thing in the world. However, you should always pick your person carefully. The list of underdogs is the following;

  • Doyle, Jason – 50.7
  • Fricke, Max – 80.7
  • Holder, Jack – 89.2
  • Thomsen, Anders – 95.4
  • Nilsson, Kim – 501

Predictions – Speedway World Championship 2023 Odds

This year we believe that the winner is going to be Leon Madsen. Bartos Zmarzlik is a feared opponent right now. Because he is the best racer ever. However, we have a feeling that he is going to make a return. According to the Fim Speedway, he won first place in 2012. However, he scored second in 2022. Therefore, his training and skill are still relevant. Furthermore, he has won 3 out of 16 times.

It feels like this is going to be another year where he is going to make a huge comeback. This is our biggest tip for the Speedway World Championship 2023 odds. If you feel bad about our prediction, then Bartosz Zmarzlik will always be available starting with x1.88. Furthermore, we have a risky pick in Daniel Bewley.

Our Top Information

Keep in mind that the winners of last year’s championship are nowhere near relevant. They are still going to participate in the event. However, someone scoring third place two months ago, will probably not live up to their World Champion title 10 years ago Therefore, we recommend you pick someone young. Yet still has a relatively good professional racing record.

The Speedway World Championship 2023 odds will remain chaotic. According to the East Anglian Daily Times, the latest event was Daniel Bewley’s sixth place in a race. We all know that people can win the title, even if they are not finishing first. However, we highly recommend not betting on Dan Bewley this year.

How To Bet On The Speedway World Championship 2023 Odds

After discussing the Speedway World Championship 2023 odds and predictions. Let us give you a summary of the betting. However, if you don’t feel like betting on motorsports. Then please check out other sports such as NASCAR and F1. In conclusion, you can easily beat it by registering at VAVE Sportsbook. All you have to do is to make an account, verify your email and click on the betting props. Once you decide it’s time to wager, you just have to purchase the betting slip. If you love cryptocurrency, then you are going to love VAVE. Because USDT is their bread and butter. If you feel like you can’t pick between two of the racers, we can not blame you. In that case, we recommend splitting your bet. However, only if it is going to give you a good return.

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